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We truly like Affiliate Marketing and building Online Business, and on this blog, we share various guides and reviews in these two fields!

A Bit About the Blog

Affiliate Tour

Affiliate Tour is a growing  Affiliate Blog, and our aim is to give knowledge in the two subjects, Affiliate Marketing and How To build an Online Business. So if you want to make extra money, set up a passive income stream online, or grow an online business, Affiliate Tour will be a go-to guide for you.

At Affiliate Tour, you will find useful guides and reviews which you can benefit from to start or grow your business.

Here you will find:

  • Guides (About Affiliate Marketing, Online Home Business, and other)
  • Reviews (About Digital Marketing Products, SaaS tools, Affiliate programs, and other)
  • And lots more about how you can scale your online venture.
Engaging content

We only provide engaging content – There are so many sites featuring guides and reviews about digital products. Almost all of them enlist what’s already given on the official site – no value addition. This is what we want to break with our blog and we are very engaged in our content.

All tools & software featured and reviewed on this website along with their guides and comparisons with other tools, are research-based. We use, test, and analyze the efficiency of these tools to let you guys know what would be beneficial for you.

A Bit About the Creator


My name is Daniel North and I’m the owner of this blog. I come from Dublin, I am a Dad and have three children with my wonderful wife and I have a great passion for online business and affiliate marketing.

My experience in the affiliate industry started in 2010 and I have, among other things:

  • started different affiliate businesses
  • been employed as affiliate manager on affiliate networks
  • through my work as affiliate manager have I helped many clients and affiliates around the world to get thousands of sales and new customers
  • helped clients to start up new affiliate networks from scratch using the affiliate software and platform from TUNE (formerly HasOffers).

Unlike others sharing affiliate tips based on a one-time or one-niche experience, I’ve worked with Affiliates across many different industries and have seen what really works and what it takes to find success as an affiliate.

Whit my strategic and technical knowledge from the affiliate industry I will share some of the best things on how to make money online and how to start a passive income. If you do it the right way you can probably start making money quite fast even as a beginner!

I hope you may find the blog useful!


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