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Builderall Affiliate Review 2021- Is It Worth Promoting?

Builderall is a scalable solution that lets business owners grow without limitations. It tackles everything and makes it as seamless as possible to cut down the processing time, efforts and investment. 

Depending on these factors, Builderall is very famous among entrepreneurs, online business owners, hustlers, freelancers, and whoever relates to marketing. 

For affiliate marketers, it creates a huge opportunity to grow their income. However, because a vast audience is already interested in this product, you must approach them correctly. 

So, in this Builderall Affiliate Review, we will give a detailed walkthrough of how you can make money via the Builderall Affiliate program and what are the ways you can follow to succeed in it. 

Let’s dive right in. 

What is Builderall?

What is Builderall

Builderall is a popular marketing platform that allows people to collect and manage leads, automate their marketing campaigns, boost their sales and improve engagement rates

The platform takes a lot of tasks to the next level by integrating plenty of toolsets in one place. For instance, if you use an email marketing platform for emails, a funnel builder for funnels and other tools for other tasks, you can now do all of it through the tools that Builderall has.

Ever since its launch in 2011, Builderall has expanded its list of features, which now include funnel builders, email marketing tools, a design section, as well as traffic management and social media engagement options. 

These are the main five categories that you can use to create sales pages, landing pages, websites, sales funnels, mobile apps, videos, and more.

Currently, Builderall offers three different pricing plans for its entire marketing platform;

  • Marketer plan at $69.90 per month, 
  • Premium plan costs $79.90 per month 
  • Funnel Club plan, one-time payment of $199 and then charges $79.90 per month.

Although there are many other tools that do a similar job like Builderall, such as GrooveFunnels, still Builderall manages to stay in its position in the marketing. 

The array of digital marketing tools found within the platform is big (over 30 tools to choose from), which is why many promote this software through the Builderall Affiliate Program in an attempt to help others and make money with it.

Builderall Affiliate Review – What Is It?

Builderall Affiliate Review

The Builderall Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to earn money by promoting the marketing platform. It offers a lucrative referral commission, where you get 100% of the first payment your affiliate makes and 30% of the next recurring payment (paid out to you as a recurring commission). 

Its model is designed to motivate you to grow your list of affiliates and earn more every month. To see how much potential income you could earn as a Builderall affiliate, visit their earnings calculator.

One thing worth mentioning in this Builderall Affiliate Review is that the program awards points for leads, and it does that through two main methods:

  • Self-Consumption Points: Every dollar that you earn using one of the Builderall plans gets you three points.
  • Direct Sale Points: Every dollar earned from selling a Builderall Plan directly to another user gets you one point.

Promoted by thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world, the Builderall Affiliate Program is a lucrative way to get more users to one of the best-selling software solutions on the market (with over 215,000 active users).

Who Can Join Builderall Affiliate Program? 

Every user who has a Builderall account can join the Affiliate Program. If you don’t have an account, you need to go to the Builderall Affiliate Program page and open a free account.

In order to make money from it, an affiliate must collect 140 points and maintain this score as a minimum (each month) in order to receive regular commissions.

Note: The platform restricts promotion by making earnings or income claims.

How to Become Builderall Affiliate?

If you are reading this Builderall Affiliate Review and are interested in becoming an affiliate, all you need to do is sign up for free, enter your details and set up your profile.

1- How to Sign-up For FREE

Visit the Builderall Affiliate Program page and submit your application to join the program. Before signing up, you will need to make sure that you are a “Builderall Business” user. You will get a 7-day free trial on the software, too.

2- How to Access Promotional Material 

Builderall has plenty of marketing materials and sales funnels that you can use to get more referrals and generate sales without starting from scratch. However, experts recommend not relying on these too much and being unique with your content – it is after all the main driver for solid leads. 

Once your affiliate request is approved, access the affiliate dashboard to check the promotional material. You will get access to landing pages, banners and unique affiliate links to promote. 

3- How to Track Analytics

You can see analytics within the Builderall Affiliate Dashboard. Its interface is clean and very user-friendly, allowing affiliate sellers to track analytics and see how many leads they received, how many of them have turned into real paying customers, and so on.

4- How to Get Paid

Navigate to the menu located in the upper left corner where you will see “Affiliates” and you will be taken to the Affiliate Dashboard. From here, you can scroll down to see a button named “GET PAID.” Click on the button to withdraw your commissions.

You will need to set up your e-wallet to get paid (which you can figure out by watching the YouTube video on the “Get Paid” page). You will need to enter your real details as they appear on your legal identification documents, and after that, the company will email you on how to proceed with the application and get verified.

Why Should You Join Builderall Affiliate Program 

There are plenty of good reasons why you should join the Builderall Affiliate Program.

First of all, the marketing platform has so many tools and nice features making it better than other solutions, which is why promoting it is easy. You only need to highlight the unique features and show your target audience everything that makes the program worth it.

Secondly, even the cheapest paid plan allows you to connect 3 domains, which is great for all Builderall users. The commissions are generous and can easily replace any full-time income. 

The best part is that Builderall charges per month (as a subscription model), meaning that you will receive payments each month. Growing your list of affiliates will only make those commissions bigger. On top of that, becoming an affiliate is free and does not require any investment.

So, if you want to build a recurring income selling software that actually works and is used by many people, the Builderall Affiliate Program is for you.

How to Make Money With Builderall?

Make Money with Builderall Affiliate Program

Since Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform, it comes with numerous opportunities to help you make money online. A few of the best ways to make money with Builderall are listed below. 

  1. Identify your target audience you’ll promote Builderall to
  2. Create content centered around Builderall and highlight its unique features and benefits
  3. Promote the platform across different channels (your blog, social media, email, etc.)
  4. Share how Builderall helped your business and what you love about it
  5. Get affiliates to sign up using your custom affiliate link

If you want to make money with Builderall without promoting it, you can provide freelance services and help clients who don’t know how to use the marketing platform.

Final Verdict 

As we approach the end of this Builderall Affiliate Review, we must say that while the program is great, it is far from a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to work hard on finding an audience who is interested in it and will join the platform in order to make money from it. 

The best way to do that is by highlighting all the great features the platform has and showing everyone how the system works.

Lastly, the Builderall Affiliate Program has a 14-day free trial, which is a great thing that encourages many people to try out the platform without making a big investment from the start.

With this, I will conclude it as one of the best affiliate programs available online with numerous benefits for affiliate marketers. 

Builderall Affiliate Review – FAQs

1- How Big Is The Commission Paid To Users Promoting The Builderall Affiliate Program?

Builderall pays 100% commission on the first month, no matter which plan your affiliates choose. Afterwards, they pay a recurring commission of 30% every month. This is a great incentive and a reason why many decide to learn how to make money with Builderall.

2- Is Builderall A Better Platform Than Clickfunnels?

Builderall has many tools and features integrated within one platform. While ClickFunnels is better for collecting leads and selling products, Builderall is better if you want to learn how to create funnels and set up a website or landing pages.

3- What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Promote Builderall?

As we mentioned in the Builderall Affiliate Review, you can promote the software by blogging about it, share your insights based on its features, upload videos on YouTube sharing your personal opinion or promote Builderall across different social media channels.

4- How Much Money Can I Make With The Builderall Affiliate Program?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make promoting Builderall. Many people make $10,000 or $20,000 and even $50,000 as recurring income being Builderall affiliates.

5- How Does Builderall Send Money To Its Affiliates?

Builderall works with a company named i-payout which manages payments and sends people their commission in the way you choose.

6- Where Can I Find My Custom Builderall Affiliate Link?

Getting your affiliate link is easy. Once you join the program for free, just visit the dashboard by clicking on Affiliate on the top and then choosing “Lead Generation Funnels” on the left. You will see your affiliate link and be able to copy it with the click of a button.

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