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Builderall Review 2022 – Is It Worth Your Money?

Nowadays, there are plenty of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and digital agency owners who want to automate their marketing with the help of all-in-one software. 

If you are in the market for a solid digital marketing platform that helps you streamline your digital marketing efforts, you are on the right page. 

In today’s guide, we are reviewing Builderall, which is one of the more popular marketing automation tools out there with a huge following. 

With it, you can practically do anything – whether you want to create a website, send out drip email campaigns, set up autoresponders, reply to FB messages, host webinars, or even create sales funnels and heat maps. 

Let’s talk more about it in the in-depth Builderall review found below.

Builderall Review – Overview

Builderall review

There aren’t many digital marketing software platforms that suit different digital purposes, and Builderall is definitely one of them. If you want to make your journey into the world of online marketing easy and comfortable, it is definitely a solution you can rely on.

The best part about it (as we’ll mention many times in this Builderall review) is the fact that the solution is cloud-based and enables you to use the digital marketing platform without having to actually download it on your PC or mobile device.

With no downloads, you can run Builderall through your web-based apps and enjoy the comfort of using it from any device. Most importantly, Builderall lets you invest in learning and running many different tools for different strategies, giving you all the following features:

    A simple and easy-to-use dashboard
    A database of tools that is larger than any other platform
    30-day money-back guarantee
    New tools can be launched quickly upon request
    Importing websites from WordPress is available
    You can build eCommerce stores
    You can create mobile apps
    You get a free SSL certificate with every site that you build 
    All of the tools work great together and are very much aligned
    A helpful and supportive community to get help & answers from
    The lucrative Builderall affiliate marketing program
    Suited for both low and high ticket affiliate offers
    Full control and versatility when creating websites from scratch
    All the tools you need to successfully run your digital business

In our Builderall review below, we are going to explain all of these features in detail. Let’s begin by explaining what Builderall is for those of you who have trouble grasping the concept behind this marketing powerhouse.

What is Builderall?

What is Builderall

The best way to describe Builderall is as an all-in-one digital marketing platform that lets you build websites and grow your online business with ease. You can quickly create sales funnels, landing pages, autoresponders, heat maps, and a lot more.

Originally created in 2011 by a guy named Erick Salgado, Builderall has had many releases. In the latest version (5.0), Builderall describes itself as an all-inclusive digital marketing platform that has plenty of tools combined together to help marketing enthusiasts get more traffic and successfully grow their revenue across different mediums and channels.

There are three core builders within Builderall:

  • The Cheetah Drag-and-Drop Website Builder, which, as the name says, lets you drag and drop elements to design websites without using any code or complex elements,
  • The Canvas Funnel Builder, which lets you map out and create a full-featured sales funnel by dragging and dropping elements in every stage, and
  • MailingBoss, which is the platform’s autoresponder service.

However, this is only a scratch on the surface of what Builderall is all about. You will find a total of 40 apps included in the platform, all of which are essential to different parts of your online marketing.

With just one glance at the Builderall website, you will see informative screenshots, videos, explanations, and plenty of information on every feature. 

You can also read the sections below and discover how to get a Builderall trial, what are some of the best Builderall templates, and which pricing plans are currently available.

Who Created Builderall?

Builderall Founder

Erick Salgado is the person responsible for the creation of the Builderall platform. He is also known for being very active on social media and having thousands of followers. The Builderall project started in 2011, gaining big media attention. 

In recent years, Builderall managed to scale and attract thousands of new customers. Currently, it is estimated that Builderall has more than 80 thousand users.

Salgado has a degree in Physical Education and started his career as a gym instructor. However, digital marketing and entrepreneurship have always been his passions. 

Once he left his gym trainer role, he realized the great growth of the micro franchise system and moved to the United States, where he could actively follow the rise of tech and align with the latest SaaS trends emerging at the time.

Salgado truly realizes the potential of marketing tools and platforms that will transform the average business owner into an online marketing genius. He recently spoke about his mission and the core concept of Builderall, stating:

“During the lockdown, the world finally woke up and realized the importance of the Internet. We are ready for it now, having the complete digital marketing and online business platform that was ever built. Builderall has everything that a business may need, and our team is currently heavily focused on quality and training. In a new world like this, you have to be online – or you won’t be anywhere.” 

Erick Salgado – Founder of Builderall.

The statement above makes it clear that entrepreneurship is a great way to support a business or even take your business fully online.

How Can Builderall Help You Grow?

How builderall helps

There are many ways through which the Builderall platform can let you grow your business online. 

Whether you have been struggling with your online marketing for a while, find it hard to recover after the pandemic, or just want to start learning more about making money online, Builderall is a great start for you. You can build a great online presence and establish the foundation of your online business.

With Builderall, you can explore numerous options – at first, you can design your website utilizing the user-friendly drag and drop builder. Then, you can start setting up email campaigns, create sales funnels and guide every user on your website to convert and optimize your website for search engines.

When it comes to tracking your actual performance, Builderall won’t disappoint you. There are plenty of analytics and features that let you keep in touch with your general audience, existing and potential customers.

In times when success in the online world is measured through clicks, purchases, and lead capture, having a website, sales funnel, and a process where you can send automated emails and guide your leads strategically to where you want them to go on your website is important.

 Builderall promises to help you make the most of every stage of this process without any hidden costs, upsells on new features, or extra in-app purchases.

Who Is Builderall For?

Builderall is an online marketing platform that is meant to help anyone understand the concepts of successful digital marketing and deploy them with ease. As such, it suits brick-and-mortar business owners that are new to online marketing and want an easy way to create a website and hit things off the ground, as well as solopreneurs looking for an all-in-one platform to manage their websites. 

Getting Builderall means investing in cutting-edge technology designed to help your business thrive online. As seen on the website, Builderall is “built for beginners and gurus alike.” 

The level of skill or experience really doesn’t matter – the interface of each feature is user-friendly and easy to grasp. Plus, there are plenty of training materials that can easily help you get started and turn your vision into reality.

The online marketing suite is good for beginners – there is no steep learning curve, and you can figure things out easily. With the drag and drop builder, you can navigate, add elements, and create a website, landing page or funnel easily from scratch.

In the next part of this Builderall review, we will be focusing on the popular Builderall features and analyzing them in-depth.

Builderall Review & All The Features That Make It Stand Out

Builderall is made for everyone looking to build and grow their online business. Regardless of your marketing skills, design background, or experience, you can use the intuitive platform to promote your products or services online. 

Below, we will be mentioning some of the top Builderall features – categorized in different groups. 

1. Builders

Builderall Builders

Logically, we will start this part of our Builderall review with the platform’s builders. There are three main website builders that let you customize your online presence, including:

  • the Drag and Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder
  • the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder
  • the Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder

With the Pixel Perfect Builder, you can design a website in three different formats. There are different views for mobile, desktop, and tablet (so you can customize that as well). 

The goal is to gain control over the appearance of your site across all devices, and you can do all of that without spending a lot of time designing the layout for each of these devices.

If you prefer to design your website all at once, you can let Builderall optimize your device for all screen sizes and use the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder. Both of the builders work in the same style, but this one presents a more automated way of handling the design for all devices.

 Other than that, the dragging and dropping work in the same way, and you can easily align your page elements, change colors and text, and do a lot more.

Lastly, the Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder has the same experience as the above-mentioned builders, allowing you to create a mobile-friendly website without messing with code. 

2. Email Marketing & Engagement

When it comes to email marketing, Builderall goes to great lengths. Besides the standard campaign setup, you get a full email autoresponder known as Mailing Boss. There are literally no limits to the email campaigns – you can send unlimited numbers of emails to unlimited numbers of people. 

Additionally, you can target emails to specific groups of people and personalize the emails to increase conversions with each group.

With Mailing Boss, you can create email campaigns, track all the new subscribers you get from your website or landing pages, manually add new subscribers, and monitor everything in the analytics tab. 

The best thing about it is that monitoring your campaign statistics and analytics is easy, and the new campaigns are fairly easy to set up. There are plenty of pre-designed elements and templates which can help you design professional and eye-catching emails. 

3. Sales Funnels & Leads

Builderall funnel builder

If you are new to sales funnels, Builderall is great for you. There are informative steps described in the Training materials and templates that let you quickly edit your funnels. 

All of the designs are meant to increase sales and conversions, and the templates come with built-in integrations, checkout possibilities, etc. 

Advanced users should know that there are two and three-step checkouts, as well as cross-sell and upsell features for checkout pages too.

In Builderall Premium, there is also the Builderall Funnel Club, which is the closest thing to getting a pack of sales funnels designed for you. You can only download or copy and paste the links to these funnels, and many of the templates allow you to embed your affiliate links within. You can also attach your affiliate link and fully explore the 97 funnel templates.

4. Design & Video Creation

Next in the list of features is the design pack, where you get a number of tools to make sure that every image and video you upload is meant to convert people to your websites and landing pages. 

You can use any of the following to make your designs stand out from the crowd:

  • Design Studio: Here, you can design amazing images and videos for your website, as well as design the covers of your products, ebooks, courses. You can also play around with the social media templates and create impactful designs for your social posts.
  • Photo Editor: The Photo Studio allows you to edit photos with effects but also change their size to fit in different formats, backgrounds, and more.
  • Video Editor: With this feature, you can upload videos and customize them by adding text, animations, and sound. Publishing your videos is easy afterward.
  • Builderall Image Spinner: Explore ways to create impactful 3D images for your products – all meant to help you increase your online sales.
  • Floating Videos: Your videos can float (and it’s a trend nowadays) on your web pages. All you need to do is install a pixel on the designated landing page where you want the video to show and let the video run via Builderall.

As you can see from this part of our Builderall review, there are plenty of options and functionalities when it comes to design. 

The platform is just perfect for touching your photos and videos and making them look professional before you hit the Publish button.

5. eCommerce (Online Shop) Setup

You can build an eCommerce store with Builderall and sell products online. No matter how complex this sounds, Builderall makes it easy – all you need to do is add your products in the Builderall Marketplace, select payment, and delivery options, and you are good to go!

Obviously, there are many other features which let you place incentives in your shop – some of the most popular include coupons, pop-ups, and streamlined checkout pages. You can also play around with the affiliate program options and design a system where individuals can sell for you and earn commissions. 

Some users even use the Builderall Affiliate Program as an inspiration – they design websites describing what Builderall does and resell the solution to other users. However, for that, you need to sign up to the Builderall Business affiliate program (don’t worry, we will describe this in the parts below)

6. eLearning App

If you are interested in using the Builderall software for creating courses and lessons or managing students and teachers, you are in the right place. The eLearning app is for you – allowing you to create videos, upload course materials, produce tests, and run quizzes. 

You can additionally set triggers, make sure all users stick with the course’s schedule (without jumping the classes), and a lot more.

7. Membership Websites & Webinars

Builderall membership site

Many people are using Builderall to convert their websites to membership sites. You can create a restricted area with the Builderall Builder and then configure your registration and login settings to suit your unique project. This is a good way of monetizing your website and allowing multi-user access.

In addition to that, Builderall lets you explore the option to run webinars and connect with your target audience on a deeper level. The webinar tool lets you upload content from your local disk or YouTube, schedule webinars, password-protect them, enable chats during webinars, and see how you performed by taking a look at your webinar statistics and analytics.

8. Dedicated Servers

Builderall also comes with the option to get dedicated local servers and host your websites, webinars, videos, sales funnels, and any other elements you have and are ready for publishing. There is also the Builderall CDN network, where you can find servers located in five continents.

All of the servers have fast loading speeds and high uptime – the goal is to pick the one closest to you. You can register a total of 15 domains and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and visitor numbers. Since Builderall is a hosted solution, all of the maintenance, security, and backup issues are well taken care of, so you can run your business with ease. 

Builderall Integrations: Is It Easy To Integrate With WordPress, Magento, PayPal, Shopify, etc.?

Builderall is a great platform when it comes to integrations. It makes opening an eCommerce store relatively easy – Shopify, Magento, and WordPress (WooCommerce) users should know that integrating with both platforms is possible in just a few clicks.

Besides these, Builderall integrates with a range of other platforms and tools, including payment integrations with PayPal and Stripe, as well as Amazon S3, Aweber, and Cloudinary integrations. 

What’s New in Builderall 5.0?

Builderall 5.0

The Builderall 5.0 version is touted as the best one yet for the all-inclusive digital marketing powerhouse. As the website shows, the brand new edition brings the following:

    More emails to the inbox
    Collecting and managing unlimited leads
    Sending unlimited emails
    Building even more sophisticated and complete sales funnels
    +600 new templates in the Builderall Funnel Club (with even more specific niches like realtors, dentists, car wash, pet shops, interior designers, etc.)
    ClickFunnels website importer who brings your websites inside the Builder Cheetah drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to manage and edit them
    A Builderall WordPress website builder
    New Builderall back office with all the tools listed in there (more user-friendly and intuitive)
    Better navigation
    New e-learning platform
    An updated MailingBoss autoresponder
    An updated Builderall CRM

Similar to the other versions, you can get the latest edition of this platform with the same Builderall free trial for 14-days and no credit card required.

How Many Funnels Can You Build With Builderall?

Builderall provides over 600 templates for building professional sales funnels located in the Funnel Club Account. These include the Ebook Magnet funnel, Membership funnel, Survey funnel, Product launch funnel, Bridge funnel, Fishbowl funnel, and Webinar funnel. There are also ways to customize them by adding your content and linking the pages.

How To Configure Builderall Mailing Boss?

Builderall mailing boss

The Builderall Mailing Boss is essentially the autoresponder feature within the platform. To set it up, you need to click on the Mailing Boss Autoresponder feature, and then you will be able to see your lists (if you uploaded any).

It is important to make sure you have a forum on your website which collects leads. You will also need to visit the pages and see the information that will show up on the screen once users are opting into your website. 

You can filter by keywords, but most importantly, you need to make sure that emails are being sent and your servers are properly updated. You can customize the messages and configure the email marketing and contact form in the next stages. For a detailed setup guide of the Mailing Boss, visit this link and watch the video.

Builderall Pricing (UPDATED) – How Much Does Builderall Cost?

Builderall Pricing

Builderall says that they are big believers in underpricing and over delivering, which can be seen from their plans. Generally speaking, the online marketing platform they have is fairly affordable for all types of users. There are four main plans, including:

  1. Cheetah – $14.90/month
  2. Marketer – $69.90/month
  3. Premium – $79.90/month
  4. Funnel Club – $79.90/month (however, $199.00 is the first payment you’ll be charged)

The good thing is that Builderall has a good pricing strategy to always motivate users to sign up for a higher package. Let’s see the features included in each Builderall pricing plan.

1. Cheetah

In the Cheetah plan, you get one domain, three subdomains, up to 2,000 subscribers, and 2GB disk space. You are not getting access to the tools and templates and won’t get approval as an affiliate.

2. Marketer

In the Marketer plan, you can enjoy linking three domains, five subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and 5GB of disk space. Similar to Cheetah, you don’t get access to all tools, and there is no automatic approval as an affiliate.

3. Premium

Premium users can enjoy access to 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, and subscribers, 10GB of disk space, plus access to all tools and templates. There is also an automatic approval as a Builderall affiliate.

The Premium plan has plenty of useful features and a lot more compared to the Marketer one. Most of these features include premium messengers and builders, CRM access, VA setup, live streaming tools for Facebook and YouTube, and so on.

4. Funnel Club

Last is the funnel club, where you get charged $199 for the first month and then $79.90 each recurring month. For that price, you get access to 15 domains, unlimited subdomains and subscribers, 10GB of disk space, and automatic affiliate approval.

The Funnel Club plan has all the features that the Premium plan has, plus specific niche funnels, product funnels, premium funnels, and new Cheetah strategic themes. 

That is why for many users, paying $199 in the first month makes a lot of sense rather than going for the Premium plan. After all, with Funnel Club, you are getting every single feature Builderall has on the list.

What is the Builderall Affiliate Program?

Make money with Builderall

Builderall pays millions in recurring commissions to users who promote it. The Builderall Affiliate Program is great because you get to promote an awesome suite of digital marketing tools. The platform has more than 40 tools and apps, and it’s always easy to attract people to it.

There is a two-tier affiliate commission structure, where second-tier affiliates get 30% commission from any subscriptions they have brought in, in addition to the affiliate sales they have made. 

You can find a calculator that estimates how much you are going to earn based on the number of sales you can make in a year, how many affiliates you can bring, and how many sales each affiliate can make in a year. 

(For instance, making ten sales, bringing five affiliates, and each of those five making two sales per year can bring you a monthly total of $431.40).

How To Promote Builderall and Make Money?

If you want to promote Builderall and make money, you should definitely sign up to the affiliate network and become a Builderall Affiliate. Here, you have two main options:

  1. Builderall Customer/Affiliate – You’ll have automatic Affiliation Approval after purchasing the Builderall Premium Plan or the Builderall Funnel Club Plan.
  2. Builderall Solo Affiliate – Since you don’t have access or experience with the Builderall Platform, and you may be using a different Tool to promote Builderall, you will need to apply and be approved to become a Builderall Solo Affiliate.

All in all, you can earn decent money online by promoting an already great product, so make sure to consider promoting this program in addition to your online marketing with Builderall.

Builderall Pros and Cons – How It Helps and What Should be Improved?

In this part of the Builderall review, we summarize and review the pros and cons of the marketing system.


    An all-in-one website builder + marketing platform
    Very easy to use
    40+ tools and features to experiment with
    Great value for money
    Hosting and SSL is included
    New features are always being added
    Great for beginners in online marketing and niche-specific professionals


  • The number of features can be overwhelming for some
  • The interface might be too crowded for some users
  • Finding the right sales funnel for you can be difficult
  • There isn’t a free plan anymore

Builderall Alternatives

Let’s list some of the main Builderall alternatives and summarize our comparison.

1. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels seems to be the main Builderall alternative and biggest competitor out there. When compared side to side, we can see that GrooveFunnels is generally a more popular choice because of their free plan, and Builderall falls a bit behind when it comes to customer support. However, you can certainly use both features and enjoy automating your marketing.

Here is our detailed comparison of Builderall and GrooveFunnels

2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has a narrower target audience objective, which is why it is better for more sophisticated users who already know what they are doing. However, Builderall is definitely better suited for beginners, especially because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand features.

3. LeadPages

While LeadPages mostly focuses on landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, Builderall covers more assets. It also offers support for creating full websites, webinars, email marketing, memberships, and many other tools under one roof. 

Builderall FAQs

1- Is Builderall better than ClickFunnels?

Builderall is a great tool, and its newest update definitely makes it compete shoulder to shoulder with ClickFunnels. While many think that it is the best tool out there, there are still some drawbacks that make ClickFunnels a great platform for the money. With the latest Builderall update, the opinions are split between different types of users.

2- How Does Builderall work?

You sign up and choose a plan that is right for you, and you can start experimenting with the tool! You can design websites, set up email campaigns, and do many other things. There is even a Builderall free trial for 14 days with no credit card required!

3- What You Can Do with Builderall?

Builderall is an online marketing platform that lets you design websites and webpages, launch sales funnels, set up email autoresponders, create apps, and do many other things to grow your business and earn money by selling your products or promoting your services online.

4- Is Builderall good for Affiliate Marketing?

Builderall is one of the best digital marketing products when it comes to affiliate commissions. When someone purchases a subscription from you, you get 100% of the first month’s payment. However, you can also earn up to 30% on your second-tier affiliates – which means that you also earn money when someone you signed up promotes and signs up a new Builderall user.

Builderall Review – Our Verdict

In the end, Builderall is one of the best digital marketing suites and systems that give you all of the tools you need to launch or run your successful business. You don’t need to spend time and money sourcing and purchasing different products, which is the main advantage this system has.

The last update showed that Builderall is constantly evolving and getting better by the day. Plus, the platform is very affordable and offers a 14-day free trial, which means that the best way to really understand its powers is by putting it on a test. For us, it’s certainly one of the best landing pages, and sales funnel builders available out there.

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