Clickmagick vs Voluum

ClickMagick vs Voluum – A Detailed Comparison

Running successful online advertising campaigns is not easy, but there are plenty of nice tools that can help you out. Our ClickMagick vs Voluum comparison today shows you a detailed review of these two ad tracking software programs that can help you run more profitable campaigns.

As mentioned above, both ClickMagick and Voluum are designed to help you track the performance of your paid ads. These tools are affordable, which is why they are a great choice for marketers and people who are just starting out. 

However, many have doubts over which one to choose between the two, which is why we are sharing an extensive Voluum vs ClickMagick review.

Below, you will learn more about how both of these tools work, what makes them similar, some of the main differences, their pricing, their affiliate program payouts, and a final verdict on the best tool for your needs.

What is ClickMagick?

what is clickmagick

The best way to describe ClickMagick is as a link tracker that has built-in dynamic affiliate link tracking, as well as features such as automatic bot filtering, custom tracking domains, etc. The software tracks the source of link clicks and helps you optimize for conversions. 

What is good is that you can get nearly 100% uptime on all of the links you have, plus features like intelligent A/B split testing as well as rotators. This can be very useful if you are testing different scenarios – it can show you which landing page converts better and let you switch between the URLs that are redirected to by setting up what’s known as a rotator.

ClickMagick is certainly a Voluum alternative that is full of useful features. Besides the above-mentioned, there are features like cross-device tracking, dynamic affiliate links, bot filtering, and real-time statistics on everything. 

How Does ClickMagick Work?

how clickmagick works

The ClickMagick tracking tool uses three main methods in order to track every click and conversion. These include the Clickmagick campaigns, the Clickmagick tracking links, and the ClickMagick rotators. These systems can be used for both direct and redirect tracking.

The software utilizes industry-standard UTMs that let you track every stage of your funnel without any tracking links or redirects. With ClickMagick, you can:

  • Track your entire sales funnel
  • Use tracking links on your branded URLs
  • Enjoy unlimited custom tracking domains
  • Get real-time reporting and statistics
  • Automated and intelligent split testing
  • Automated bot filtering and flocking
  • Multi-mode link rotators
  • Retargeting pixel support for any link
  • Click fraud monitoring and traffic quality analysis
  • Facebook sharing
  • Compatible with Google Analytics 
  • 24/7 link uptime monitoring

The tool has been around since 2014, helping people discover how their ad campaigns are performing. You can use it to track how many times users clicked on a specific ad, how many times the users have visited your website after clicking your ads, and which ads on your social media profiles got the most clicks.

If your ads are driving plenty of traffic, this is definitely a great option to have as it will provide a lot of data for your needs. The ClickMagick funnel tool can also track the performance of the ads that you publish across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google – you will see information about them in real-time and detect where (most of the) visitors are coming from.

Lastly, Clickmagick lets you track your website performance, too, with the A/B testing tool – you can use this to direct more traffic to your best-performing pages. 

What is Voluum?

what is voluum

Voluum is another great software that lets you track data from your social media channels, ads, analytics, or search engines. 

However, it’s really more than that. Depicting itself as “the tracking answer to your affiliate dream,” Voluum is an ad tracking tool that helps people measure the performance of their social media ads, but also the performance of the websites you have linked with the tool.

The list of features is big, going from measuring the average number of clicks per visit to the number of continuous visits on some campaigns and more. If you are searching for a ClickMagick alternative, the Voluum conversion tracking software is definitely a good choice.

How Does Voluum Work?

how voluum works

There are three major features in Voluum’s interface, and those are

  • Track: Designed in a simple way, Voluum facilitates cross-device tracking, which means that you can track the performance of your marketing campaigns from any device.
  • Optimize: Voluum will make sure that only accurate and up-to-date information will be shown in regards to your campaign performance. To do that, the tracking tool is geared up with features such as real-time reporting, A/B split testing analysis, error logs, data grouping, and drill-downs, etc.
  • Automate: The automated feature is great because it links with other platforms through the API, and you can filter out bots based on known or unknown metrics such as IP address or location.

Voluum supports both direct and redirects tracking. It is perfect as software and has a great affiliate management tool, too. If you want to invest some time in learning the software and you are not shy from working with code, it is definitely a great link tracking tool that will help you automate a lot of things in your marketing.

The program has its own reporting suite, but some users want more than that, which is why the service comes with an API that users can link in order to see accurate reporting to their tracking application.

No matter how busy your site becomes, Voluum has an infrastructure that supports scaling up or down and will ensure that data limits won’t sabotage your success.

Voluum vs ClickMagick – What Makes them Similar?

In this part, we will go through some of the similarities between ClickMagick and Voluum and some of the features that make them great side-by-side competitors. 

For instance, we’ll just say that both platforms have been working on improving their customer support – the ClickMagick and Voluum support teams are fully reachable now via the Help Desks.

Let’s explore the other similar features below.

1- Direct/Redirect Tracking

With direct tracking, you can solve the challenges posed by redirected tracking and develop faster response times. Redirect tracking, on the other hand, is the practice of rerouting your visitors to a preferred URL that is not compliant with paid ad platforms such as Google Ads. However, both Voluum and ClickMagick support redirect tracking.

Setting up links is simple in both interfaces, where for redirect tracking, you should focus on the “Primary URL” feature, whereas for direct tracking, you can generate and add UTM parameters to your URLs and track the entire sales funnel. 

To get started with campaigns and direct tracking, you will need to create a click tracking code (for your landing pages) as well as a conversion tracking code (for your thank you pages). Next, you will need to build a UTM URL that you will use in your campaigns.

Generally speaking, direct and redirect tracking are easy on both platforms but definitely easier with ClickMagick (the direct tracking setup in Voluum takes too long with plenty of multi-steps).

2- PPC Campaign Support

clickmagick vs voluum ppc campaign support

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are essential to many solopreneurs and business owners. This marketing strategy uses advertising at its core to drive traffic to a blog or offer. 

With ClickMagick and Voluum, you can create PPC campaigns on platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads. You can also set keywords, define cost mediums (CPC, CPA, CPM), and play around.

Voluum also integrates well with both of these networks. The only difference is that you will need to integrate it first and connect it to a traffic source before running a campaign. This prolongs the process a bit, but PPC campaign support is something that both of these link tracker tools excel at.

3- Organic Traffic Tracking

If you want to track your organic traffic, both Voluum and ClickMagick are great for your needs. Direct tracking works with a direct tracking URL (as mentioned above), but organic traffic does not activate a direct tracking URL.

Therefore, you need to add a modified script to your lander on Voluum so that it registers the traffic from the search engines. The only rule you need to define is which campaign is paid and which is organic.

In ClickMagick, you can set up organic traffic tracking. However, the rule as per the tool is that “any traffic that reaches your website or funnels through a link that doesn’t have the three necessary UTM parameters: utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign.” 

By default, ClickMagick disregards organic traffic, but it can “see it” if you enable the click tracking code to track organic clicks. Overall, both tools are great for tracking organic traffic.

4- Conversion Tracking

Clickmagick vs voluum conversion tracking

Things get a little more interesting with conversion tracking, which is essentially the process where you get information about your sales and campaign performance. Conversion tracking can be enabled on both Voluum and ClickMagick. 

In Voluum’s dashboard, you can enable it through a server-to-server postback URL or with a tracking pixel (a method that involves cookies). 

On ClickMagick, conversion tracking is accomplished with the use of tracking pixels only – you need to create them and embed them (as JavaScript or HTML code) in your website, landing page, or sales funnel to track conversions.

In this manner, Voluum is perhaps better since it uses two different methods for conversion tracking.

5- Retargeting Feature

Retargeting is a great way to increase conversions on your website. Still, it is also challenging for many users. The traditional way of retargeting your audience kind of limits you, which is where the ClickMagick vs Voluum comparison steps in – showing you the best ways to make your retargeting more effective and give you plenty of ways to retarget.

Here, ClickMagick expands the scope of the retargeting efforts and lets you add pixels to your tracking links. These pixels are used for retargeting, but the rule is that you can only place them on a website that you control or are promoting.

Alternatively, Voluum enables retargeting through integration with some campaign management tools. The Voluum integration needed here can be streamlined through Automizer (an automation tool built by Voluum) and the practice of effective rule-based retargeting. 

In general, integrating with other marketing tools (like Automizer here) is seen as an extra hassle for many users, which is why ClickMagick and its straightforward retargeting setup wins in this manner.

6- Bot Blocking

voluum vs clickmagick bot blocking

No marketer wants to see fraudulent and invalid clicks by bots, which is where link tracking tools like ClickMagick and Voluum excel at. They both have their own tool for dealing with problems like these.

For instance, Voluum uses an anti-fraud kit to combat bot traffic. As the software claims:

“Invalid traffic cannot be uniquely characterized solely by one behavior type that could be easily pinpointed and eliminated. Any attempts to identify invalid traffic have to take into account several metrics that might indicate potentially non-human traffic.”

This means that Voluum integrates a collection of tools (six, to be precise) that address several suspicious behaviors. One of them is the time-to-convert metrics that measure how fast traffic converts and another is the honeypot, which is a trap set for bots that cannot be triggered by humans. 

We haven’t tested these tools in detail to see how accurate they are, but ClickMagick’s click auditing system boldly claims that they have a 99.9% accuracy record with it.

This brings us to ClickMagick, which is again an easier tool when it comes to capturing malicious bots, content scraping mechanisms, and other automation that often disguise themselves as legit users. 

ClickMagick has a unique auditing system that works differently – campaigns use click shield, and the tracking links and rotators come with integrated bot detection, showing you the activity under “flagged clicks.” The 99.9% accuracy levels are something we did not test either, but reviews show that the bot traffic problem is something that ClickMagick handles in a better way.

ClickMagick and Voluum – 4 Key Differences

In the next part of our ClickMagick vs Voluum comparison, we are sharing the actual differences in both programs. You will see which ones are supported and which features are lacking in both software tools.

1. Social Media Link Tracking On Instagram, Youtube (Supported By Clickmagick)

Both ClickMagick and Voluum let you track the clicks that your ads get on social media, but with ClickMagic, you get support for more social media networks. 

While Voluum works with Facebook only, ClickMagick lets you track the links you put out on your Instagram page to drive mobile app downloads, as well as YouTube advertising for conversions and engagement.

The links go so deep that they even let you measure the performance of each ad by how many people click on it and what happens afterward. 

You will also get statistics about which ads people clicked on from Facebook, how often they click on each ad, and what happens after that. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google campaigns are all supported with this great tool.

2. Click Tracking (Clickmagick Supports A Full Javascript Library)

Another reason to choose ClickMagick over Voluum is its click tracking support. Both platforms support a good variety of input channels such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Also, Both Voluum and ClickMagick will track specific actions taken on the target website/page.

The difference, however, is that Voluum supports only a limited set of DOM elements as input channels for its Web analytics. With ClickMagick, there is support for all HTML tags, HTML DOM elements, and, very importantly, JavaScript tracking codes embedded directly into your website’s code.

When considering this, we can certainly say that ClickMagick lets you do many kinds of interesting things with DOM elements. You can count the click events, compare those counts to a limit value, and do “live counting,” too.

3.100% Uptime Since 2015 (Voluum)

Believe it or not, Voluum has a 100% uptime since 2015, all thanks to its multiple data centers spread throughout five continents. It proudly holds that record, meaning that it is accurate in many ways and easy to set up. 

There are also step-by-step guides that can help you set up your campaigns so that you have everything you need in minutes.

Voluum is a very serious name in the link tracking world – its users generate more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue, which is definitely a fact worth knowing. It also excels when it comes to running A/B tests and optimizing the acquisition of funds for up to a few minutes worth of use.

4. A Saas Model With App Integrations (Voluum)

On the topic of Voluum integration, we can say that the platform uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which gives you plenty of advantages over any custom tracking solution. 

You can work on your campaigns at any time – the data will be stored in the cloud and can be easily retrieved through applications hosted in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Speed is visible with the API, too – it lets you extract data faster. Plus, you can always increase or decrease the size depending on the power. Voluum will create instant reports in seconds, regardless of traffic. 

Voluum and ClickMagick Pricing Comparison

In the sections below, we will talk about the ClickMagick pricing and Voluum cost, examining all of the plans and packages both tools offer and all of the features offered in every plan and package. You will also be able to see the features more clearly and find the best package for your needs.

Voluum Pricing

voluum pricing

The Voluum pricing is quite transparent, and the tool has listed everything on its Pricing page. You can even compare the packages and see the features you will get side-by-side, as well as see the exact difference between each plan. 

Most importantly, the Voluum tracking pricing is good because there are discounts if you pay annually, which makes a lot of sense in the world of software.

  • Discover Plan at $89 per month (monthly) or $69 per month (yearly)
    • Three months of data retention
    • 20 active campaigns
    • One custom domain
    • Atomizer
    • Group onboarding
    • Basic tracker features
    • Automatic A/B testing
    • Fraud detection
    • Additional users
  • Profit Plan at $149 per month (monthly) or $119 per month (yearly)
    • Six months of data retention
    • Unlimited active campaigns
    • Three custom domains
    • Atomizer
    • Dedicated onboarding
    • Advanced reporting and targeting
    • Automatic A/B testing
    • Fraud detection
    • Additional users
  • Grow Plan at $449 per month (monthly) or $349 per month (yearly)
    • 12 months of data retention
    • Unlimited active campaigns
    • Five custom domains
    • Atomizer
    • Account management
    • Advanced reporting and targeting
    • Automatic A/B testing
    • Fraud detection
    • Additional users
  • Custom Plan at individual contract (custom offer)
    • Unlimited traffic tracking
    • Custom number of included events
    • Fully customizable features and usage parameters
    • Highest cost savings
    • Unlimited active campaigns
    • Atomizer
    • Account management
    • Advanced reporting and targeting
    • Automatic A/B testing
    • Fraud detection
    • Additional users

From all of these plans, it seems like the Profit one is the best bang for the buck, although large companies may find the Grow or the custom offer better for their needs.

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick is probably the more affordable tool, and it offers three main pricing plans. There is a free Clickmagick trial that lasts for 14 days and comes with a 100% refund in case you are not happy with the software (there used to be a ClickMagick 30-day free trial before). The plans supported are the following:

  • Starter Plan at $37 per month
    • Up to 10,000 clicks per month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • All core features
    • Funnel tracking – 1 funnel
    • Two custom tracking domains
    • Six-month data retention
    • Helpdesk support
  • Standard Plan at $77 per month
    • Up to 100,000 clicks per month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • All core features
    • Cross-device tracking
    • Phone sales tracking
    • PPC click shield
    • Funnel tracking – 5 funnels
    • Ten custom tracking domains
    • One year data retention
    • Live chat support
    • 1-on-1 onboarding call
    • Paid traffic courses
  • Pro Plan at $197 per month
    • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
    • Unlimited conversions
    • All core features
    • Cross-device tracking
    • Phone sales tracking
    • PPC click shield
    • Funnel tracking – Unlimited
    • Unlimited custom tracking domains
    • Two-year data retention
    • Live chat support
    • 1-on-1 onboarding call
    • Paid traffic courses

Here, the Pro plan is obviously better for larger companies, and the Standard plan makes sense knowing that you have got plenty of funnels and custom tracking domains. If you are a solopreneur and will need only one ClickMagick funnel, the Starter plan is definitely solid for your needs.

Now that you know the ClickMagick cost, let’s talk about the affiliate programs offered in both tools. 

ClickMagick vs Voluum Affiliate Program Comparison

In the Clickmagick vs Voluum Affiliate Program Comparison, we are sharing details on the affiliate (referral) programs offered by both tools. Both are attractive and can help you earn money with affiliate marketing on the side while enjoying the programs’ features.

Voluum Affiliate Program

voluum affiliate program

The perks offered in the Voluum affiliate marketing program are an incentive to many marketers out there. You will earn 20% lifetime commissions for every deal that you refer, as well as additional one-off bonuses for all the clients you subscribe to within one month.

The incentive here is the first month, of course, where Voluum gives you an extra 10% if you manage to get 5 or 10 clients, an additional 15% if you manage to more than ten clients, as well as 20% in bonuses if you refer more than 20 clients to the program.

Among the other perks of the Voluum affiliate program, we can see that there are 40+ downloadable graphics and ready-to-use messages for your email signatures, social posts, blogs, and other materials where you would promote your custom affiliate links. You can create a blog post, run a paid ads program, do a social post or send your link to your friends via email.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

clickmagick affiliate program

ClickMagick offers a great affiliate program with commissions of 35%. For a program that comes with a free trial and is one of the best in the link tracking world, this is definitely a favorable affiliate program to consider and promote outside of your main affiliate programs.

The ClickMagick affiliate link lets you earn 35% out of every sale that was made through clicking it. You can earn recurring affiliate income from the program, too, and create a stable source of passive income.

The rules that ClickMagick determines are the following. In order to promote the tool, users must do it on:

  • Solo ads
  • Banner ads
  • Blog posts or reviews
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Email signature links

ClickMagick won’t allow any self-referrals, and you are not allowed to offer gifts or money to people for purchasing a ClickMagick subscription. The payment option for withdrawing is PayPal.

If you are interested in joining this affiliate program, you should visit the ClickMagick Affiliate Program sign-up page, fulfill the forms there and submit your application, after which you will get instant access to the tool and be ready to start promoting it.

Which Software Is More Suitable – Clickmagick Or Voluum?

This is not a fair comparison. ClickMagick and Voluum are for different purposes, and each has its features that the other lacks.

ClickMagick is best for marketers with a limited budget. It is cheaper than Voluum and can promote sites in any niche, including e-commerce stores.

Voluum is for marketers who want more control over their campaigns and want to target specific niches.

I would recommend ClickMagick for marketers on a limited budget who do not need a lot of features. It is cheaper than Voluum and comes with a lot of features, including tracking and analytics.

ClickMagick Vs Voluum – Our Verdict

If you still don’t know which tool to use, don’t worry. The information we shared above might be too hard to swallow at first, which is why we are going easy in this final verdict section.

You should use ClickMagick if you:

  • Want more overall features and perks
  • Want the software that has a better price 
  • Want to track any type of product, offer, or service
  • Want to test out the software before purchasing it (with a free trial)
  • Want software that is a lot easier to use and does not require additional third-party programs for some of its features

On the other hand, you should consider Voluum if you:

  • Are an advanced affiliate marketer
  • Exclusively want affiliate tracking
  • Want a better-looking interface with ready-made reports
  • Have more experience when it comes to running ad campaigns

For most of the average users out there, we’d recommend ClickMagick as the better software for the masses and a clear winner in this comparison. It is generally more affordable, offers a free trial, and gives you plenty of features for affiliate and social media link tracking.

We hope this review helped you choose the best link tracker tool for your needs!

ClickMagick and Voluum Comparison – FAQs

1- What Is Voluum Tracking?

The Voluum conversion tracking is a way to track how much you are earning off of your affiliate marketing efforts. This tool works with a unique Voluum direct tracking link that you will get once signed up. The Voluum tracking link will enable you to track your sales and performance and ensure that your campaigns are successful.

Voluum is a well-known affiliate marketing tracking tool. Its tracking works through an ad tracker that lets you see how well your campaigns perform, optimize them further, and upscale your affiliate business. In short, Voluum tracking enables you to analyze your performance and do what it takes to level up your marketing.

2- Is Clickmagick Worth The Money?

Many would agree that ClickMagick is worth the money. Not only it is the cheaper tool in the ClickMagick vs Voluum comparison – but it also has a bit more advanced features. When it comes to tracking, the tool supports:

  • Phone sales tracking.
  • Cross-device tracking.
  • Tracking of your entire sales funnel.
  • Utilize tracking links or your URLs.
  • Unlimited search with custom domains.
  • Conversion tracking for any goal or sale.

Additionally, ClickMagick works with automated and intelligent split testing, advanced geotargeting, and next-level mobile optimization. It lets you share stats to the public, filter and block bots, import and export your data/stats, and monitor the clicks for potential fraud. If you want to promote your affiliate links, sell your products or do a combination of both, it is a great software to consider.

3- What Are The Features And Benefits Of Clickmagick?

Clickmagick is a software that enables marketers to create targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. ClickMagick has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage their campaigns. It is cost-effective and affordable software that provides many useful features to its users, such as the ability to create ads on social media platforms or search engine marketing (SEM).

The benefit of ClickMagick is that it provides a suite of tools to create and schedule ads on social media platforms. It also has many built-in features, such as tracking the click-through rates for an ad campaign, which is one of the most important factors in determining a successful campaign.

The downside is that ClickMagick does not offer any ad management tools for creating and adjusting campaigns across different social media platforms, unlike Voluum.

4- What is Voluum DSP vs Voluum?

Voluum DSP is a data management platform that helps business owners manage their online marketing campaigns. It provides “data insights” to the owners on who is viewing their ads, what content they are consuming and how long they are spending time on it.

Voluum also provides tracking codes that can be used for website analytics, so you can see how your web traffic is changing over time.

In contrast, ClickMagick helps to measure advertisement performance by providing a detailed analysis of the most popular sites on the internet.

Voluum is a data management platform that helps business owners manage their online marketing campaigns. It provides “data insights” to the owners on who is viewing their ads, what content they are consuming.

5- Which Are The Best Ads Tracking Tools?

ClickMagick and Voluum are the best ad tracking tools because they provide the most in-depth data to their clients. ClickMagick helps businesses analyze what content is popular online, while Voluum provides data insights on who is viewing their ads, what content they are consuming, and what ads are working best.

ClickMagick is a data management platform that helps to maximize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns by focusing on insights, not clicks. ClickMagick is an all-in-one solution, which includes the ability to track and optimize social media marketing campaigns.

Voluum is a data analytics platform that provides actionable insights for digital marketers. Voluum’s platform is used by digital marketers to analyze their marketing data in order to optimize campaigns.

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