GrooveKart review

GrooveKart Review – Why It is The Best?

If you want to start an eCommerce business online, you need an eCommerce Platform. A platform where you can sell your products without being worried about anything else.

In this GrooveKart review, I will give you a detailed walkthrough of GrooveKart pricing, features, and how it can help you start and grow your online business.

So let’s dive in.

What is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart Review

eCommerce stores can look like a simple website on the front, yet they’re very complex in the back. 

GrooveKart is a platform that solves this problem. With the help of the GrooveKart platform, you can focus on the front end of your online store while everything in the backend is taken care of by Groove.

Not only GrooveKart can run the backend of your eCommerce store, but it also integrates many third-party options that increase the abilities of the store and make them fully functional.

Instead of custom coding everything directly into your online store or paying for every plugin separately, GrooveKart offers everything within one platform.

On top of that, GrooveKart features everything any online store owner could need. From analytics and additional tools to themes, templates, and a store builder that help you create your store from scratch (or a template) via drag and drop builder.

Elements that come included can shape a store and make it unique with the help of your visuals.

All you need is an idea, business plan, and effort to execute your plan!

Who Created GrooveKart?

GrooveKart Founders Mike Filsaime

GrooveKart offers everything an eCommerce owner would require, and the extensive features of the GrooveKart come from the history and knowledge of experienced developers.

This platform is crafted and designed by Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta.

Mike is very well known for his online ventures in the eCommerce industry. He is very well known as a businessman who has made millions that qualify him as the top guy in the industry to create GrooveKart, but it also makes users of the platform motivated.

On the other hand, John also has a wealth of experience in the eCommerce industry and digital marketing in general.

Such a combination shaped the most important features of the GrooveKart platform but also connected it with other aspects of a successful eCommerce business.

Just like the owners, you can expect integrity, quality, and trustworthiness from the platform designed by these two guys.

Mike and John didn’t reinvent the wheel. But they saw that the industry has a huge potential, and the leading eCommerce platforms could provide a lot better service to their users, which became their mission. In other words, GrooveFunnels is a complete solution to all modern marketing problems. 

GrooveKart Review – Who is This For?

GrooveKart is for everyone who ever dreamed of starting an online store and yet needs assistance in doing so.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced seller, or even a large store – GrooveKart can help.

The platform is continuously upgraded and improved, so the features are always up to date and solve the most common problems.

With many add-ons integrated into the platform at no additional price, GrooveKart is also for everyone who wants to save some money and yet build their store on a trustworthy platform.

Convenience is another huge key of GrooveKart, which is why GrooveKart is for everyone looking for simplicity, ease of use, and an affordable yet high-end platform.

Not only is GrooveKart convenient, but it’s also made to fit almost everyone’s needs and provide everything an online store or a seller would need. Such as

  • FREE Hosting
  • Intuitive Templates
  • Custom Domains
  • Easy Page Builder
  • Easy Payment Integration, i.e., PayPal, GroovePay, Stripe. 

This makes GrooveKart highly versatile. I’ve also noticed that GrooveKart is ideal for everyone who wants to start an online dropshipping store where you don’t have to keep any inventory or fulfill your orders.

But if you have an idea or a product and you’d like to get online and start selling, GrooveKart can be a great place to create a store and learn from.

What Makes GrooveKart Different, More Productive, and Better?

GrooveKart Review Pricing

Since GrooveKart is so versatile that it can fit almost everyone’s needs, here’s a quick overview of the features that might be the most helpful:

  • Ability to connect your preferred payment gateway
  • Custom domain
  • Store designer
  • Unlimited upsells
  • Plenty of integrated add-ons that are free to use
  • Easy to get started
  • Built-in help desk

This GrooveKart review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t touch on all of the important features, so keep on reading as you get into the most important aspect of the review!

1- Process Payments The Way You Want

One of the biggest advantages of GrooveKart is that it has nailed the payment system right. Payment gateway is one of the most common obstacles for many online sellers (or store owners).

Unlike other platforms, GrooveKart allows you to integrate any payment system you wish. This will enable you to choose the preferred payment processing system and use it in your store.

Other platforms can limit your whole store to only one payment processing system. However, GrooveKart stopped this and is one of the main features that everyone talks about.

2- Create & Design Your Unique Store

GrooveKart Review Features

GrooveKart didn’t only provide a platform to host and create an online store, but it also built a modern studio that allows you to edit anything in your online store easily.

The GrooveKart Studio doesn’t require you to know any coding language, and yet it works via the drag & drop system where you select elements you’d like to design your store around.

Starting with a template is a great way, as it gives you a framework for an online store with the ability to change about everything.

Also, you will get access to a custom product design tool that will allow you to design your merchandise and even connect it with a print-on-demand service right from your GrooveKart store.

3- Everything An Online Store Needs (Integrations)

GrooveKart comes with 20+ built-in add-ons. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to select and pay for each plugin separately.

Instead, GrooveKart created these plugins and integrated them into the platform. You still have a choice of selecting which add-ons you would like to use.

However, none of these add-ons are priced separately yet included in the membership price.

From the moment you start, you will get access to eCommerce themes, templates, and plugins such as the social proof system, reviews, sales funnel, upsells, retargeting, timers, and more.

These features are sometimes even a crucial part of a store to help improve the sales and conversion rate. Other platforms allow integrations, but they have to be paid separately.

Therefore, you won’t have any limits to how your store can look and run, which improves the user experience.

4- Take the Advantage of Upsells

One of the most powerful features of all is the one-click upsell. Upsells are well known to convert well, and GrooveKart integrated this into the platform.

Therefore, all you will need is a product or offer to set up and see the conversion rate improve.

You can have unlimited upsells on your store, and you won’t have to pay anything in addition, unlike other platforms.

Not only are upsells unlimited, but you can also add coupons and discounts to ensure that your upsells are a success.

5- Easy Third-Party Integrations

Running an online store will require you to handle different aspects of the business. However, GrooveKart makes things easier by allowing you to integrate third-party tools and apps such as Mailchimp.

If you’d like to start a newsletter, you can integrate your preferred tool and manage it directly in the GrooveKart dashboard.

Another very useful integration for drop shippers is the AliExpress that allows you to source products directly inside the GrooveKart using the link or name of the product.

All of these integrations are easy to use and set up. Also, when you set it up once, you can forget about it.

Combine this with a layer app block from the builder, and you can have your products nicely displayed in minutes.

6- Quick Shopify Import

There’s no doubt that Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. But what if you are already running your store from Shopify, and yet you’re intrigued by the affordable and effective features of GrooveKart?

GrooveKart was a step ahead of everyone as they also worked on making an import from other eCommerce platforms as easy as possible.

All you need to do is follow the steps provided by GrooveKart, and you’ll have your existing store transferred to GrooveKart in only minutes.

GrooveKart Review – Pricing

GrooveKart Pricing review

Not only GrooveKart does a very good job at improving the features and providing a better service to the eCommerce owners & sellers, but it also does it at a fraction of the cost.

One of the reasons why GrooveKart is popular among eCommerce beginners is because it offers a free store.

Free membership includes:

  • Free hosting
  • Custom domains
  • Free templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • One of three payment processors to choose from

One key factor you should be aware of is that free GrooveKart members must pay for 3rd party payment processor fees. However, as soon as you upgrade to the paid membership, you won’t have to pay any payment processing fees.

The paid membership plan is called Platinum, and it comes in 3 different variations:

  • Monthly Platinum plan – $99/month
  • Annual Platinum plan – $997/year ($191 save)
  • Lifetime Platinum plan – $1397/one-time payment

Even though free membership is a bit limited, considering that you can run a completely free online store and only have to pay for the payment processing fee is a great deal.

However, if you’re very serious about having full access to the GrooveKart platform and base your store around it, three different pricing plans will accommodate anyone’s budget. Moreover, if you consider going with Platinum Lifetime Plan, you will get access to all other GrooveApps. 

So, before making a purchase, checking up GrooveFunnels Pricing is worth a shot. 

What is GrooveKart Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that enables anyone to start their online store without having any prior experience of manufacturing, inventory, or shipping.

How GrooveKart makes it happen???

Some drop shippers get their stock from local suppliers in their country or purchase it on sites like Alibaba and then ship the orders to their customers.

GrooveKart has a unique model to source all its products from wholesalers and store them in the warehouse. Thus, when an order is placed online, GrooveKart fulfills it by picking the product from its warehouse and packing it before shipping it to its customers.

This is why they can offer higher quality products than other online stores at significantly lower prices than what you would typically pay for this type of stuff.

GrooveKart Alternative – Shopify

GrooveKart Alternative Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest brands in the eCommerce industry, and it’s a platform used by millions of users.

Even though Shopify often seems to be the best choice out there, GrooveKart knows that it can provide a better service without breaking anyone’s bank.

Shopify offers five different pricing plans:

  • Lite – $9/month
  • Standard – $29/month
  • Shopify – $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299/month
  • Shopify Plus – from $2000/month

Shopify is also great at being very adaptable and compatible with client fulfillment. It has a great way to manage your inventory directly from the store, and it even integrates well with social media channels.

While it can seem that Shopify has more pricing plans available at a cheaper rate, you have to keep in mind that Shopify doesn’t provide built-in free integrations. This will raise the monthly cost once you subscribe to every plugin you need to run your online store.

When using a paid GrooveKart membership, you won’t have to pay any payment processing fees or GrooveKart fees. On the other hand, Shopify takes about 2% of all sales you make, adding it to the regular monthly cost.

I’ve also noticed that not all templates available by Shopify are responsive and mobile-friendly, which doesn’t seem to be the case with GrooveKart.

However, Shopify’s biggest strength is the ability to manage inventory and fulfill your orders without any obstacles. While GrooveKart is more aimed at drop shipping and stores that don’t hold the inventory or fulfill their orders – it is still very decent at managing your inventory and products.

It comes with good marketing research tools and robust shipping management with fulfillment features built-in to the store.

GrooveKart Pros and Cons


  • Free membership
  • Built-in free plugins
  • Modern drag & drop store builder
  • Plenty of resources for getting started
  • Unlimited upsells
  • All templates are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Quick Shopify store import 
  • Designed by marketers
  • Quick loading speeds


  • It’s a pretty new platform
  • Has a shallow learning curve (time to learn how the platform works)


1. What is the Difference Between GrooveKart and GrooveSell?

GrooveKart is often confused with GrooveSell. GrooveSell is based on funnel-style selling using a landing page, while GrooveKart is based on creating and selling through a store.

GrooveSell is most suitable for the presentation and sales of digital products, but it also works well with digital products. It’s best for use when you have one product or one service to sell.

2. How Many Stores Can You Have With a Platinum Membership?

No matter which Platinum membership you choose to go for, as a Platinum GrooveKart member, you will be able to build and run only one store.

However, you can have more than one domain name pointing to your store. If you would like to split one store into a couple of different sections, you can create separate pages and link them to a different domain name.

This is very useful at running a couple of different promotions without creating and managing more than one store.

3. How Do I Set Up Multiple Stores Using GrooveKart?

Unfortunately, you can only create one store using one GrooveKart membership/account. But you can still run more than one section of the store and even link to them using different domain names.

If you are a free member, you can work around this by creating more than one free account.

4. How to Migrate Shopify Store to GrooveKart?

  1. Click on Shopify Migration Tool from the GrooveKart dashboard
  2. Paste your Shopify URL link
  3. Paste your Shopify API key
  4. Paste your Shopify password
  5. Choose which Shopify apps to keep
  6. Agree to the GrooveKart terms of service
  7. Follow the steps to start the migration process

The process is pretty simple, and with the integrated Shopify Migration tool, there is no learning curve, and you won’t mess anything up.

5. Can You Connect Your Domain Name to a GrooveKart Store?

As a free GrooveKart member, you will be able to use free GrooveKart custom domains. However, if you would like to use a top-level domain name, you will have to be a Platinum member.

You can purchase domain names through GrooveKart, or you can connect your existing domain names by pointing them to your GrooveKart store. Keep in mind that pointing your domain names to the GrooveKart store has to be done by the hosting company.

6. How to become a GrooveKart JV Partner?

The steps to becoming a GrooveKart JV Partner are simple. First, you have to register as a GrooveKart affiliate. Second, you start promoting GrooveKart. Finally, you complete the qualification criteria by following through with the minimum amount of sales over time.

GrooveKart Review Verdict: Is GrooveKart Worth it?

If there’s one thing you learn from this GrooveKart review, it would be that GrooveKart is worth it. 

It strives to provide an all-in-one service to everyone from a complete beginner to advanced sellers & established stores.

With the free membership that offers plenty of options which is very rare to see in the industry, it’s a chance that’s hard to miss.

Even though paid membership can seem a bit steep, you can pay it in 3 different ways, making it easier for everyone’s budget.

However, considering all of the features integrated into the platform and the modern approach to the eCommerce industry, this platform can be a money-saver in the long run.

Like any other platform, GrooveKart has its strengths and weaknesses, but it has been doing a great job so far.

Getting started doesn’t cost you anything, and even though a review like this one can help you find out if GrooveKart is for you – it’s best to try it out for yourself!

Even if you don’t think GrooveKart is the right fit for your needs, you can always go with a competitor since you will always have the chance to migrate to GrooveKart if you change your mind!

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase through my links, I will receive a commission. 

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