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LeadPages Affiliate Review – Make Money with LeadPages in 2022

The Leadpages affiliate program is one of the best ways to promote Leadpages and earn money for doing that. If you are new to the software, you should know that many put it among the best suites of lead generation tools that have helped hundreds of thousands of people launch and grow their small businesses online.

In today’s Leadpages affiliate review, we will share more details about the best features that this software has, as well as the top incentives that can help you make money online with Leadpages.

So, let’s begin.

What Is Leadpages?

What is leadpages

The best way to describe Leadpages is as a program that helps small businesses grow online. You can connect with an audience, get more leads, close sales, and use all Leadpages tools to create eye-catching websites, high-converting landing pages, well-thought-out pop-ups, interesting alert bars, and a lot more.

The real beauty lies in that Leadpages has everything in one place, allowing you to use the software’s tools and manage your online presence in many different ways. 

You can also play around with your email list and send your subscribers personalized opt-in offers, targeted Facebook Ads, scheduled appointments, and a lot more. 

The goal of Leadpages is to help entrepreneurs grow their revenue and get maximum engagement with their audience. 

What is LeadPages LeadBoxes?

LeadPages LeadBoxes is a web-based tool used for tracking and sharing links. You can embed it onto any website, no coding required, and it lets you build custom forms, share your content on social media, and email subscribers you’ve collected.

What separates LeadPages from other link trackers is its real-time analytics that allows you to see how many people have been to the page you’re tracking.

It’s a great way to track links and share content with your subscribers because of its ease of use, convenience, and analytics functionality that lets you monitor where your links are shared.

There are three types of LeadBoxes:

  1. Standard,
  2. Smart Tag LeadBoxes, and
  3. Exit-intent LeadBoxes.

Standard LeadBoxes pop up, asking your subscribers to share your link via email or social media. Smart Tag LeadBoxes automatically add the subscriber info in the link when it’s shared. And exit-intent LeadBoxes will only show up when someone is about to leave your site.

This is a great way to encourage them to subscribe and share before they go.

What makes LeadPages LeadBoxes such an effective tool is that all it takes is one click (or tap) when you’re on the webpage you want to add it to, and after that, everything runs itself!

What’s more- there’s no coding involved! You can add LeadBoxes to any webpage you create and then track the activity on that page. What’s more- it’s mobile responsive, so no matter what device people are using to access your link (tablets, laptops, smartphones), they’ll get the same experience.

And because it’s linked directly with your LeadPages account, you can see which links generate the most interest. 

Furthermore, the information is real-time! So you don’t have to wait for an update or check your stats days later. This feature alone is worth paying monthly fees because it gives you insight into what type of content people find engaging to improve continuously.

Who Is Leadpages For?

There are no restrictions as to who can use the Leadpages marketing suite. The program is designed for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses struggling to connect with an audience, get more leads, and grow their revenue online.

Another good thing is that there is no steep learning curve – all of the features within Leadpages make designing websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and other elements super easy. 

For example, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to personalize any element, optimize its functions, and navigate your audience to conversion. 

Lastly, the collection of templates makes designing landing pages super easy – you can choose any template, edit it based on your brand’s profile, and know that everything is in the right place and is mobile responsive.

How Do Leadpages Help?

There are many ways in which Leadpages can help you. The list below sums up some of the top advantages:

    Leadpages has a great built-in drag-and-drop editor that lets you design websites and landing pages and uses 200+ templates without any needed knowledge in CSS or HTML.
    You can also use the software to help design landing pages for your current WordPress website (and integrate well through WP plugins).
    The analytics tab makes it easy to see insights and learn from data.
    You can experiment with A/B split testing and attract more high-paying customers.
    Leadpages give you insights into how your page may convert before you publish it.
    The pages load fast (the uptime is excellent), which is what most customers appreciate.
    You can schedule appointments, send personalized emails to segmented or general audiences, and optimize your online presence for more sales or conversions.

Now, let’s move to the Leadpages affiliate program review, where we will talk about how promoting this amazing suite of products can help you make money online.

What Is Leadpages Affiliate Program?

Leadpages affiliate review

At this point, you probably know that Leadpages is a great software that assists people in growing their business online and converting their visitors to customers. The drag-and-drop editor, templates, and plenty of optimization tools all help make most of these features, even if you are a beginner in the world of online marketing.

If you are interested in joining the Leadpages Affiliate Program, you should use these top features to promote Leadpages as a reliable and efficient tool. 

What Is The Commission Structure Of Leadpages Affiliate Program?

The Leadpages Affiliate Program offers a minimum lifetime commission of 10% in the Bronze tier, the starting point when you sign up.

However, stepping up from Bronze to Silver is easy and only requires $50 in monthly new customer revenue. You will start receiving 40% in recurring commission on every sale that you generate at that stage. The only requirement is that your referrals remain customers. 

As soon as you upgrade from Silver to Gold (for which you need more than $3,000 in new monthly customer revenue), you will start generating 50% in recurring commissions.

That means that as a Leadpages affiliate, you can earn up to 50% in recurring commission for as long as your referrals remain Leadpages customers. Here is the commission structure again in a more organized way.

Tier Monthly new customer revenue Commission Rate
Bronze $0-$49 10%
Silver $50-$2,999 40%
Gold $3,000+ 50%

Why Join Leadpages Affiliate Program?

Aside from being great software, Leadpages is also striving to develop the most comprehensive affiliate program out there. So far, their efforts have been fruitful – there are thousands of Leadpages affiliates who make money from promoting this tool. If you are looking for reasons to join the Leadpages Affiliate Program, some of the best ones include the following.

Main reasons to join Leadpages Affiliate Program:

  • Leadpages Affiliate tools – As an affiliate, you will get direct support from the Leadpages support team, and you can connect with an exclusive group of affiliates. There will always be free content to promote and resources to help your audience understand how to grow their online business using Leadpages.
  • Long cookie duration – Leadpages currently offers a 90-day cookie life, which is a long cookie duration helping you capture more affiliate sign-ups. In other words, this means that users that clicked on your links and opened Leadpages but did not convert will still be recorded as your referrals even if they sign up three months later than their original first visit.
  • Plenty of deals and offers – Aside from the wide variety of tools under one umbrella, Leadpages also offers a lot of exclusive deals and packages for affiliates with proven sales history.

Other great reasons to consider becoming a Leadpages affiliate:

  • Frequent Leadpages webinars – If you are struggling with building an audience for hosting your webinar, you can market Leadpages with their live webinars taking place every week.
  • Swipe copy files – If you are not well versed in copyrighting or don’t know how to write converting copy, Leadpages has a swipe copy collection where you can see top-performing social posts, converting email copy and content that generally performs well and can help you get more affiliate sign-ups.
  • New features – New features are being rolled out all the time, and every time something like this occurs, you can promote it with new materials and get a new Leadpages affiliate referral sign-up.
  • Many ways to promote Leadpages – From blogs to YouTube videos, social media, and emails, there are just many ways to tell your story and highlight the value offered in Leadpages. You can even co-host an affiliate webinar with the company itself and get more commissions.

Who Can Join Leadpages Affiliate Program?

The best news about the Leadpages Affiliate Program is that anyone can join it!

Even though the company highly recommends affiliates purchase a Leadpages plan and see the software from inside and out, that is not a general requirement. 

Still, keep in mind that according to Leadpages’ data, affiliates who use the program earn twice as much revenue compared to users who don’t.

How To Become A Leadpages Affiliate?

If you want to apply and get started with the Leadpages Affiliate Program, visit this link, and you will be prompted to fill out a form. Once you do that, wait for an answer from Leadpages – it typically arrives within two to three business days.

How Do You Promote Leadpages Affiliate Program?

As we talked about in the steps above of this Leadpages affiliate review, many highlights make Leadpages a great all-in-one marketing software. So, promoting such a great tool is not difficult.

It is obviously up to you to choose the best channel to promote the software and make sure that you are covering everything. For instance, it can be a blog where you write posts about Leadpages, a YouTube channel to record videos helping users understand how easy it is to use Leadpages, or even run a podcast talking about it. The choices are endless – it is all up to you.

Leadpages Affiliate Link Tracking

leadpages affiliate link tracking

Once you are signed up as a Leadpages affiliate, you can add links to your blog or website that the affiliate link hosting site will track. The point of this is for Leadpages to know when a customer reaches them through your website, blog, or other channels. 

The cookie lifetime is 90 days which is among the best in the software industry – meaning that if someone goes to Leadpages through your affiliate links and does not sign up, their cookie will remember if they do sign up to the program even after 90 days.

Pros And Cons – Leadpages Affiliate Review

Below, we are listing some of the general pros and cons of the Leadpages affiliate program. While there are several cons, you can see that they can be crossed off with some quick solutions and leadpages alternatives.


  • Very user-friendly, supportive, and with plenty of new materials and features being constantly rolled out 
  • Multimedia programs can be installed without deep HTML knowledge – you only use a simple insert code for that
  • The program teaches you a lot about marketing, sales, and funnels
  • Plenty of marketing materials that you can support your audience with, too
  • The 30% recurring payment scheme is a great incentive
  • More income if your clients upgrade or scale in the future
  • Detailed analytics and insights


  • You can’t add Leadpages to your URL
  • You are not allowed to bid on keywords directly related to Leadpages (for PPC)
  • Paying monthly for a program can be a challenge for affiliates who are used to promoting one-time payment software solutions
  • Further written documentation by Leadpages would be appreciated, mostly in e-books, guides, etc.
  • Monthly payouts are only available if you bring in more than $50 a month.

Final Verdict

All in all, we can conclude that Leadpages is a great tool for running and growing a business online. The Leadpages Affiliate Program is great for serious people interested in promoting it and making money on the side. If you are serious about bringing in more referrals, you can earn up to 50% of their recurring payments, a stable passive income.

In our final part of the Leadpages affiliate review, we list some of the frequently asked questions about the software and its affiliate program.

Leadpages Affiliate Review – FAQs

1. How Do I Login Into Leadpages Affiliate Program Account?

Once your application to become a Leadpages affiliate has been reviewed and officially accepted, you will get an email from the website prompting you to confirm your acceptance. Once you do that, you will receive another welcome email from PartnerStack, where you will see a login URL to access your affiliate account.

2. Do Leadpages Offer Recurring Commissions?

Yes, the commissions in each tier are recurring. You start from 10% in recurring commissions until you generate $50 in monthly total recurring revenue from your affiliate referrals, which is when you step up to 40% recurring revenue (until you generate $3,000 in new monthly referral sign-ups), which is where you level up to the highest tier and get 50% in recurring revenue.

3. How To Make Money With Leadpages?

The best way to make money with Leadpages is the Leadpages Affiliate Program offers plenty of incentives and up to 50% in commissions. Joining it is easy – you don’t have to be a Leadpages user – visit this link to fill out the application form.

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