Voluum Tracker Pricing

Voluum Tracker Pricing: Why It Is Best for Affiliates?

Professionals in affiliate marketing often struggle when choosing the perfect link tracking software for their needs. Voluum is one of the standard options for affiliates who want to see what is working well in their campaigns and what isn’t in an affordable price range, starting at $89 per month. 

In today’s Voluum tracker pricing review, we will show you why this program is suitable for affiliates and how it can help you manage the success of your campaigns and your affiliate results.

By the end of this post, you will clearly understand 

  • the importance of the correct link tracker, 
  • how it helps you save time by managing campaigns, 
  • and why we recommend Voluum to affiliates out there. 

Let’s explore it in detail.

What Is Voluum?

What is Voluum
What is Voluum

Voluum is an affiliate marketing tool and link tracking tool that helps users manage their online campaigns and marketing effort. The software is cloud-hosted and works as an ad tracker, which allows you to see the performance of your campaigns.

The tracker is also great for showing you ways to improve and optimize your campaigns better, analyze data, upscale your business and make each ad more effective. 

From this, we can conclude that the Voluum tracker pricing integrates many functions, helping amateur and experienced marketers succeed in the world of online marketing.

The main Voluum features include:

  • Atomizer – This is probably one of the most popular tools that allow you to define custom rules and take action when performance varies. You can create automated rules, change bids, see sites or zones that are not converting, pause or activate campaigns, etc.
  • Extensive Campaign Tracking – In the parts below, we will talk about all the ways you can track with Voluum. There is a wide variety of data points and elements that you can set up to use your data better.
  • Traffic Distribution AI – This feature monitors the success of your offers, landing pages, and pathways in real-time. It automatically redistributes traffic, allowing you to obtain the highest ROI.
  • Anti Fraud Kit – A great feature that detects and helps you stay aware of fraudulent visits and unrealistic conversion times.
  • Mobile Notifications – The Voluum Mobile Map lets you access your campaigns from anywhere, monitor, and create valuable reports.

What Is Voluum Tracking, And How Does It Work?

With Voluum, you can track, optimize, and automate your affiliate campaigns. These features are set up together within the software, bringing out the best results in making your affiliate campaigns more profitable. 

With Voluum tracking, you can track all aspects of your campaigns, whether that is creatives, carriers, links, browser versions, device models, and a lot more. 

Plus, you can track every event (including clicks and views) and costs, and profits. There are plenty of ways to track campaigns – some of the most popular include cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPI), cost-per-action (CPA), and other revenue models.

The advanced tracking system gives you mobile and desktop ad tracking integrated into a single system. Here, the tracking is usually carried in two ways: redirect and direct. 

The Voluum affiliate tracker places all of the information in a single dashboard, where you can see all the statistics and performance of your ad campaigns. You can see how many visits, clicks, or bonuses each of your ads got.

Bonus: Here is a video guide on Voluum tracking. 

Ad Tracking with Voluum

Voluum Tracker Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

One of the best things about the Voluum tracker pricing is that it is affordable. Many users agree that the Voluum cost attracted them to the software in the first place. There are now three main service packages that you can sign up for and an additional one, which is a customized plan you can get based on your needs.

Voluum tracker pricing
  1. Discover at $89/month – 20 active campaigns, one custom domain, one dedicated domain, three months of data retention
  2. Profit at $128/month – Unlimited active campaigns, three custom domains, one dedicated domain, six months of data retention + $200 bonus for zero park traffic
  3. Grow at $426/month – Unlimited active campaigns, five custom domains, one dedicated domain, 12 months of data retention + $200 bonus for zero park traffic
  4. Custom – This plan requires you to contact Voluum with your specific needs and wait for a final offer. It usually goes at $999/month, where you get unlimited traffic tracking, customizable features, and additional usage parameters.

Voluum discount – Yearly: With a yearly payment plan, you can save up to 20% on each plan.

Voluum yearly pricing

Voluum Trial: Unfortunately, Voluum doesn’t offer any free trail.

Optimizing And Automating Campaigns With Voluum Affiliate Tracker

As we mentioned in the upper parts of this Voluum tracker pricing review, Voluum helps you track your traffic and optimize and automate your functions. 

The software is designed to provide real-time reports, allowing you to focus on improvement and changes when it comes to optimization. With real-time reporting and error logs, you can see the barriers of some of your campaigns and how to solve them for the most effective campaigns. 

In addition to that, you can also do A/B split testing to see which ad is the top performer and change the traffic flow through the software’s AI feature, which will auto-optimize your campaigns in many segments.

Automating with Voluum is another essential function that has made many marketers’ lives easier. As you know, optimizing can be a time-consuming job when done manually, which is why automated systems are great. 

Voluum’s Automizer can help you put your campaign on auto-pilot (once you’ve set up the rules and Performance goals) and sit back. It will keep you updated through alerts and notifications, showing your campaign performance in detail.

Bonus: Watch this video guide on how Voluum affiliate tracker works. 

Voluum Automated Affiliate Tracking Software : Traffic Distribution AI [ Tutorial ]

How To Track Campaigns On Voluum? Explained In 7 Steps

Let’s say a visitor of yours follows a specific series of steps until they reach the final conversion destination. Throughout their journey, Voluum can help you record all actions and monitor their activity in each step of the process. To set this up, you need to follow the seven steps as shown below:

  1. You’ve created a campaign. Now it’s time to add all the traffic sources, affiliate networks, landing pages, and offers in the Voluum tracker.
  2. Add your campaign URL during the setup, and you will get your purchased traffic delivered to your campaign.
  3. Start placing bids on your traffic source to activate your campaigns and help them reach the target audience.
  4. Once a user clicks on the ad, they will be redirected to a landing page through the campaign URL, and Voluum will track this action as a visit.
  5. You can check the exact number of people visiting your page due to the step above.
  6. If users click on the action on your landing page, the click URL will work again, taking them to another page and giving you a “click ID,” which is recorded in your affiliate network.
  7. When the user finally buys the product, signs up, or does any other final action, the event will be tracked as a conversion by Voluum, and you will get a postback in Voluum.

Here is a video explaining each step from Voluum YouTube Channel. 

Start your First Affiliate Marketing Campaign with Servando Silva

How Many Tracking Options are being Offered by Voluum?

There are plenty of options to track the success of your campaigns on different platforms with Voluum. Here are the five main ways you can understand your data in a better way.

1. Redirect Tracking

Redirect Trcking refers to tracking all the data without using third-party cookies. It is part of complex and integrated tracking systems.

2. Rule-Based Traffic Distribution

The idea is to track the traffic coming from different distribution channels on your specified rules. For instance, if a user comes from a mobile device located in Europe, you can create a specific rule and send them to specific pages for that rule only. You can set up rules in many ways.

3. Custom Conversion Tracking

Measuring your specific customer actions is easy with Voluum. You can use the custom conversions to optimize your ad delivery and reach people likely to take the steps you care about.

4. Direct Tracking

This is one of the most effective tracking forms (with no redirects in between). It is compatible with all traffic sources, regardless of any details. We have organic traffic tracking (users coming from direct URLs), custom conversion tracking, and a multi-step funnel (a complex path that can help you increase visitors and revenue).

5. Impression Tracking

Lastly, impression tracking is a metric for measuring the performance of most types of campaigns. Here, you can sort the tracker to measure impressions against actual clicks.

Voluum is designed to give you a whole new perspective on your campaigns, marketing, as well as traffic sources. You can see and explore many types of tracking across several platforms and use the program to get your audience “compete” against each other, with only you knowing who performs the best.

3 Best Voluum Alternatives

Let’s explore some of the best Voluum alternatives and other impressive affiliate link trackers.

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick Tracking Software

First on our list is ClickMagic, which is often compared to Voluum because of the similar features. This software has excellent funnel path tracking and innovative cross-platform tracking technology. The pricing is also apparently more affordable, but there are some sacrifices you’ll need to make when it comes to features and support (especially in the basic plans).

2. ClickMeter

ClickMeter vs Voluum

Next is ClickMeter, a good software that is very easy to use. The learning curve is not steep. A competitive advantage ClickMeter has over the other link trackers. Plus, it can integrate with more than 400 affiliate networks. However, the disadvantage is that ClickMeter is not perfect – it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee and has no free trial or demo. There isn’t a mobile version, either.

3. RedTrack

RedTrack tracking tool

Last is RedTrack, which is a cloud-based link tracker. It packs solid features such as audience targeting, fraud detection, analysis and optimization in real-time, great data visualization, and attribution on all conversion events. There are more than 150+ one-click integrations. However, this software is more expensive and may not be the best option for beginners. It also offers only 14 days as a free trial.

Is Voluum The Best Affiliate Link Tracker Out There?

Many users who made the switch to Voluum will say yes to this question. The truth is, the attractive Voluum tracker pricing and its features make this software popular among the masses, which is how it made waves throughout the industry. Plenty of users rely on Voluum’s improved performance and benefits compared to other platforms out there.

According to AffMore, shifting to Voluum has helped them increase the sales of the media buy campaigns by five times. Many companies have reported that they have saved 100% time from campaign tracking and optimization with the help of Voluum.

To us, it is clear that Voluum outperforms many competitors in terms of features, allowing you to track, optimize, and automate your affiliate marketing efforts. We highly recommend that you give Voluum a shot and consider it as your go-to affiliate link tracking software.

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