Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Best 10+ Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners

Making money online has never been easy. However, if you have a decent or large audience/followers, you can monetize your content by promoting someone else’s products and earn passive income.

Affiliate marketing has been around for longer than the internet (over 2 decades), and it is still going strong as this business model benefits everyone involved in it.

But to get started, you need to understand everything about it including 

  • How it works,
  • What do you need to do ,
  • How to get started, and ,
  • How to grow a SIX-Figure affiliate Business.

To make things easier, I have compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing courses available online. Depending on the course materials, shared techniques and their validity, I have ranked them to help you select the best one. 

However, one this is common about every course, in the end, you will be able to start and scale your Affiliate Marketing Business. 

So, let’s dive right in. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So basically, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting someone else’s product, closing a sale and then getting commission for it. You neither own the product or the company, but you have to make a sale and get commission for it. 

However, to make a successful sale, you need to have an audience. The platform could be anything, i.e., Blog, YouTube Channel, TikTok (popular these days), Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest. 

Almost anyone can join these affiliate programs for free with the purpose of promoting the company and its products.

What’s great about affiliate marketing is that some of the largest companies, including Amazon offer an affiliate program. You get to join as many affiliate programs as you wish so you can always promote companies and products you’ve tested, you love, or genuinely believe in.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that involves three parties.

These parties are:

  • An advertiser/company who creates and offers the affiliate program
  • An affiliate marketer who joins the affiliate program to promote the company’s products
  • Audience/followers who click on your links, purchase products, or sign up to a service

When you join an affiliate program, you will be provided with a specific link which is your ID. So, whoever purchases a product from your link, the company will easily get to know it via the link and transfer the commission to your account – easy peasy!

For example, if I say I have an Instagram account where I talk about Email Marketing and how a business can increase their profit with Email Marketing, one of the best ways to make money while helping my audience is to promote a great email marketing tool. 

To think of it, I couldn’t find any other but GetResponse – the best Email Marketing tool. 

So, what I’m gonna do is head over to the GetResponse Affiliate Program Page. Since joining the affiliate program is free, I’ll hit the sign up button, get done with the formalities and join the program. 

Later on, I’ll get access to my affiliate account dashboard, where I’ll have access to my Affiliate Link. I will copy this link and paste it in my Instagram post description with a disclosure that it is my affiliate link.

So, if someone would like to give it a go, they can use my referral link/ affiliate link and once they make a purchase, I will get the commission. 

It is a win – win situation – they get what they need, I made money while helping them. This is how affiliate marketing works. 

Is There Only One Way to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s very versatile. This means that there isn’t only one way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Instead, you can make money in almost any way you can imagine. You get to be as creative as you wish, and as long as you have an audience or followers interested in the advice or content you create, you could monetize your content with the help of affiliate marketing.

Of course, you should also follow the rules and terms and conditions of affiliate programs, as each affiliate program will have slightly different rules.

But since the conversion happens through affiliate links, you still have a lot of freedom on the way you would like to use your affiliate links (as long as they’re not breaking the affiliate program’s terms and conditions).

Whether you own a blog where you create in-depth content, have an Instagram account where you create graphic content, or have a YouTube channel where you make video content – you can take advantage of affiliate marketing to monetize your content.

Many affiliate marketers run paid ads campaigns to get paid traffic which they leverage to get clicks, make sales, or get sign-ups to their promotions. Along with the organic approach, a paid approach is also a decent method to explore if you have a budget. On the other hand, many affiliates promote different offers and make money even without a website. 

You can make money through affiliate marketing in any way you can. There are no limitations. 

How to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Courses?

There are thousands of affiliate marketing courses available on the internet, and unfortunately, most of them have a questionable quality or history.

Therefore, it’s important to find a complete course with a well-established history based on actionable guidelines that has genuine testimonials, which has helped others.

Again, course creation is a business model, too, and some courses are unfortunately created to benefit the creator more than the students who take the course.

And with so many scams on the internet, you should be aware that not every course will be a quality course, no matter how promising it might look.

Finding a reliable, well-established, reputable, and elaborate course without many upsells is the best way to find a quality affiliate marketing course that will prepare you for your affiliate marketing journey.

Luckily, I have done the groundwork for you. Depending on the content quality, tips, actionable guides, and techniques, I have prepared a list of the best affiliate Marketing courses that you should consider learning from.

They’ve been around for a long time, created by trusted marketers, and they have a great history with a decent success rate.

Therefore, keep reading to learn everything you will need to know about these 12 best affiliate marketing courses before you take action!

Do I Really Need a Course on Affiliate Marketing?

The Internet is a huge source of knowledge. Those who have offered their courses are also sharing tips and guides on their blog, Youtube channel, and other platforms. Then why do you need a course of all? 

It is because the information is scattered on the internet and you need a blueprint in the learning stage so that you can make money from it. If you learn from free resources, the learning phase will cost you around 3 to 6 months of consistent learning. 

However, if you enroll in a course, you will be connected with like minded people, action takers and best of all, a mentor who is already an expert. 

Ultimately, you will be more likely to get stable in 3 to 6 months of hard work. This is why I suggest my readers consider enrolling in a course rather than wasting their precious time on the internet. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Each of these affiliate marketing courses has a different approach and is made to fit different ways of making money with affiliate marketing. However, each of these courses is rock solid, and you only have to find out which one works the best for you before you take action.

1- Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate marketing course

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that focuses on providing affiliate marketing training, but it also provides all necessary tools you might need along the way.

What’s great about Wealthy Affiliate is that it has a 15-year history and it has only two training courses you can choose from.

Regardless of the course you choose, you will get access to a course that provides written and step-by-step video training.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on teaching beginner marketers how to create a website and establish it to gain organic traffic until you can monetize the website with the help of affiliate marketing.

Tools you might need along the way, such as hosting, website builder, or keyword research tool, are included in the platform, so you will have everything you need in one place.

On top of that, another very significant advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is the community aspect. With hundreds of thousands of active members inside the platform, you can always get help, create an accountability group, or connect with same-minded people from all walks of life.

But you didn’t hear the best thing yet. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is its transparency. You can start your affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

You get to be a free member for as long as you wish, and even though it’s a bit limited, you still get two free websites, limited training, and limited use of tools within the platform.

Whenever you decide to upgrade to the monthly pricing plan, you won’t regret it!

2- Income School’s Project 24

Income school project 24

Project 24 is Income School’s affiliate marketing course, where two experienced marketers – Jim & Racky teach affiliate marketing in a 60-step approach.

60 steps might seem a lot, but these steps won’t only teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, but also help you avoid mistakes, ease the learning curve, and prepare you with things to expect, thanks to valuable case studies.

On top of that, this course includes podcasts, community, and course library so you can always learn from others, get in touch with like minded people, and you can browse the course library to learn more once you cover the initial 60-step course.

Currently, there are 265 step-by-step videos, 75 new lessons in the last 3 months, and 132 members-only podcasts.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, Project 24 focuses on building niche websites where the focus is on content creation to acquire organic traffic from where you can monetize your website with the help of affiliate marketing. However, keep in mind that they also focus on growing YouTube channels and monetizing YouTube channels through affiliate marketing.

3- Authority Hacker – The Authority Site System 3.0

Authority hacker affiliate marketing course

Authority Hacker is a well-known and reputable marketing blog that focuses on building authority sites for monetization through affiliate programs.

Authority Site System 3.0 is their starter program ideal for beginners or intermediate affiliate marketers interested in learning how to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

The whole course is organized into lessons, and each lesson has a step-by-step learning system which makes the training simple for everyone who doesn’t have any previous marketing knowledge.

The course also includes over 125 step-by-step videos, real-life case studies you can learn from or follow to achieve possible results, pre-built templates, to-do checklists, and members community.

I must say that the training is fluff-free, and it gets updated often. Training just had the third big update, which makes it very relevant to the industry at the time of writing.

And do you know the best thing? I really admire the founders of Authority Hacker – Mark Webster & Gael Breton because of their high-quality free training and online stuff on building a Six-Figure passive income stream. The exciting news is, they are offering 50% off. 

4- SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO affiliate domination course

SEO Affiliate Domination is an affiliate marketing course designed for everyone who wants to build an online business and gain organic exposure until you can monetize your efforts with the help of affiliate marketing.

You will have to put a lot of work up-front, but It’s a very sustainable method that’s easy to scale and is ideal for creating a passive income stream (or a couple of streams).

This course is full of up-to-date and step-by-step guides that anyone can easily follow. Still, most importantly, this training is full of relevant search engine optimization information.

Therefore, the details of SEO and Affiliate Marketing you will learn from this course will help you build a sustainable online business from scratch. It also teaches you how to build a presence and grow the business with the latest traffic generation strategies, niche placement, monetization strategies, and marketing campaigns.

The course also relies on free or inexpensive tools that support these strategies and tips.

5- YouTube Affiliate Mastery

Youtube affiliate marketing course

It’s very well known that successful YouTubers earn money through advertisements. However, not many people realize that affiliate marketing is the second strongest monetization strategy on YouTube.

YouTube Affiliate Mastery course is designed to teach you how to take advantage of the second largest search engine platform, create videos that rank well, and earn commission by promoting highest paying affiliate programs.

What’s great about YouTube Affiliate Mastery is that it is ideal for complete beginners yet exciting to learn. In this course, you will learn everything from creating a YouTube channel, affiliate link placement on videos, combining affiliate marketing with YouTube marketing, and more.

Even though it’s not the ideal course for advanced YouTube affiliate marketing strategies, it is a great stepping stone as you get 1.5 hours of video training, 5 downloadable resources, and 1 course supporting article.

Therefore, even if you have an existing business, you can expand on YouTube and quickly catch up to everything you might need to know from this course.

6- Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

Affiliate lab by matt diggity

Affiliate Lab is Matt Digity’s course where he teaches everything he has learned from a decade of experience testing various affiliate marketing strategies on his website.

Matt mastered the combination between SEO and affiliate marketing, and he even went on inventing new techniques through his research.

Before the Affiliate Lab course, Matt was doing consultations, he spent time in Facebook groups teaching others, and he even started a conference where he would teach everything he knew.

From all of that, the Affiliate Lab course was born. In this course, Matt teaches you how to create a website from scratch (a niche site), rank it in search engines, acquire organic traffic, earn money with the help of affiliate marketing, and even flip the website for profit.

The course includes 24 hours of training, and it includes all templates and tools you might need to follow the training. On top of that, you will have access to checklists and standard operating procedures so that you won’t leave anything up to chance or luck.

Along with the Affiliate Lab, you will get access to a members-only Facebook group where Matt and many members are active.

What’s great about Affiliate Lab is that it’s one of the affiliate marketing courses that focus on technical stuff to have an answer to everything. So you’ll have a solution for every technical problem you might come across.

Even more, if you want to make sure the quality of content, simply visit the YouTube channel that Matt runs. Your mind will blow-up with the actionable techniques he shares. 

7- Affilorama – Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Affilorama affiliate marketing course

Affilorama is a course focused on affiliate marketing, yet it combines training, tools, and support you will need on your journey.

It is a course ideal for beginners, but it’s also a great way to ensure you’re on the right path as an intermediate marketer.

In Affilorama, you will learn how to create a website on a topic you’re passionate about, do market research and keyword research, create valuable content by a step-by-step process, and identify affiliate programs and products within your niche.

As a result, you will be building a niche website from scratch that will get ranked in search engines. As a result, you will acquire organic exposure (traffic), and you’ll be able to provide value to your readers and create a passive income stream in return through your well-optimized content.

Affilorama includes a quick-start guide, 120 video lessons, and even a roadmap to success that you can download to your computer and check up on daily to ensure you’re on the right path.

Included in the course, you’ll get access to Path2Passive content strategy and AffiloTools – a tool for revenue managing, analytics, and more marketing information.

8- Spark by ClickBank

Spark by Clickbank

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate network platforms to have access to hundreds, if not thousands, affiliate programs and even more products.

Spark is a ClickBank’s certification course aimed to help you learn affiliate marketing and earn your first paycheck with ClickBank.

Even though the course is based on the affiliate programs available inside the ClickBank platform. It is full of valuable information related to affiliate marketing that you can use as a member of any affiliate program.

If you’ve been wondering how to get to your first affiliate sale, Spark is a great course that will help cover the affiliate marketing basics and the best strategies to promote ClickBank products.

Inside the course, you will have access to 17 different mini-courses and over 70 videos, along with everything else you will need to create a successful affiliate marketing business online.

Also, you’ll get access to the private Spark community and exclusive webinars led by industry experts, so you’ll be learning up-to-date techniques from the best.

If you need a bit of extra help learning and implementing things, live Q&A sessions with Spark instructors prove to be extremely helpful.

9- The Affiliate Method – Johannes Larsson

Best affiliate marketing course by Johannes Larsson

If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing on a budget, The Affiliate Method might be one of the best picks from this list.

The Affiliate Method is an affiliate marketing course provided by Johannes Larsson on his blog for free!

The course is pretty quick as it only lasts for 5 hours, and it is aimed at beginners, but it’s a great stepping stone that can help you learn if affiliate marketing is for you.

In this course, you’ll learn how to become an affiliate marketer in step-by-step video training. There are 9 lessons, and each lesson focuses on the most important aspects of creating an affiliate marketing business, such as finding a niche, setting up an affiliate website (niche site), picking affiliate programs and products to promote, and more.

So far, Johannes Larsson’s course has almost 5,000 students, and the reviews are positive. It’s best to give it a try since the course is free, and in only 5 hours, you’ll know a lot more about affiliate marketing than you ever knew before by only browsing the internet.

10- Affiliate Marketer Training – Michael Rogers

Affiliate marketer training

Michael Rogers is the founder of Affiliate Marketer Training, a blog that focuses on affiliate marketing as a primary way of creating an online business.

Michael is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, which was the first pick for this review, and now he is sharing all of his knowledge in a quick yet free affiliate marketing course.

In this course, you will learn everything from the simplest things, such as what affiliate marketing is and how it works, how to get started, create an affiliate marketing website, and grow your online business.

On top of that, Michael will teach you a lot more about search engines and how to acquire organic traffic as this course focuses on getting organic exposure to your online business.

From there, you can even learn how to outsource some time-consuming tasks related to your new online business to be more efficient. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if you’d want to do this from the start or do it as soon as your online business becomes profitable.

11- Location Rebel – Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Location rebel affiliate course

Location Rebel is the go-to place if you’re looking to start an online business. Even though Sean from Location Rebel diversified his blog to focus on different online business models, affiliate marketing is one of the models.

In the Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing course, you can learn how to get started with affiliate marketing, how to start affiliate marketing on your blog, find the best affiliate products to promote, and even learn mistakes you should avoid as a beginner.

The great thing about this course is that it’s a long-form blog post that won’t only teach you things step-by-step, but you’ll also learn things from the perspective of an experienced affiliate marketer.

Therefore, you’ll learn how much money you’ll have to spend, mistakes you should avoid, get advice that Sean wishes he knew when he was starting his affiliate marketing journey, and even his recommendation on getting started to achieve success the fastest.

This course is free, and it’s a great starting point if you’re on a tight budget or you’re only exploring and looking to learn a bit more about affiliate marketing before you take the leap of faith and take action to create a new and awesome income stream.

12- Launch Your Blog Biz

Launch your blog affiliate course

Launch Your Blog Biz is a course that focuses on making money with the help of affiliate marketing by blogging.

A couple created this course, Alex and Lauren, designed the course with one purpose – teach others how to make money blogging without spending too much money or too much time without seeing any results.

You will be learning from a step-by-step course split into lessons, but what’s also great about Launch Your Blog Biz is that you’ll learn from live examples too.

In this course, you will learn how to make money online blogging even if you don’t have technical experience and if you don’t have any idea what to blog about.

The course promises to help you make at least $1,000/month as soon as you stick with the training and take action.

But not only that. You’ll learn how to create and launch a professional-looking blog, how to get tons of traffic organically (for free), how to get readers, and most importantly, how to monetize the blog with the help of affiliate marketing, alongside other ways.

Therefore, if you’d like to see a course that teaches you how to take immediate action and put affiliate marketing into a business plan, or if you’re passionate about blogging – this is the right course for you.

What’s also great about this course is that it teaches you technical and marketing things, but it will also help shift your mindset to creating and running a successful blog online. 

Are Affiliate Marketing Courses a Great Way to Learn?

Yes, the affiliate marketing courses are a great way to learn because of a couple of reasons.

Affiliate marketing courses provide a step-by-step guide on all aspects related to affiliate marketing. Often, some courses take things further to teach people how to take full advantage of affiliate marketing by creating a business around affiliate marketing (such as niche sites).

On top of that, affiliate marketing courses tend to do step-by-step video content, which is very useful. There’s no better way to get accurate information than from a regularly updated affiliate marketing course in combination with case studies and student examples.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to affiliate marketing. There’s no doubt that it takes time to make money with affiliate marketing.

However, the time frame depends on many different aspects. Even the smallest things can make a huge difference, such as niche selection, competition, or how often you produce content.

If you are starting from scratch and focusing on building the website/presence organically, you can make your first couple of dollars in the first 3 to 4 months.

But keep in mind that you will have to put a lot of time and effort into building your affiliate marketing business.

It’s easy to get started, and affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business model. However, you get what you put into the business. Therefore, prepare yourself to learn a lot, implement everything you learn, be patient, and even be prepared to fail a couple of times.

Affiliate marketing is a long game, but as long as you are dedicated to creating a successful online business, you can make it.

After a year or two of fully working on your own online business, you can be making a decent monthly (passive) income. So is a year or two of your life not worth the financial freedom you might achieve?

Will These Affiliate Marketing Courses Pay Off?

Of course, they will pay off as long as you learn, take action, and don’t quit. But, unfortunately, some of the affiliate marketing courses are not cheap.

But considering the value they provide and the price they cost in return, they’re affordable if you think of them as a long-term investment.

Suppose you need to save some money to purchase the affiliate marketing course. In that case, it’s still a good idea because if you’re willing to put so much effort into making it – your affiliate marketing business will pay off relatively quickly, no matter what.

On the other hand, if you don’t put enough effort or don’t spend most of your free time working on your online business, earnings might not come as quickly as projected, so it might take a bit longer to pay off the course.

The only thing you don’t want to do is quit because that’s not going to pay off anything, let alone help you make a successful online business.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses – Verdict

These are some of the best affiliate marketing courses. Investing of time, money and efforts is the first step, but taking time and creating your own online business is the second step, which is the most important step of your affiliate marketing journey.

Taking something from scratch to success is not easy, but with the help of these courses, you only have to learn, implement, and adjust as you move through your journey.

Without these courses, you would have to do a lot of guessing. You might still end up being a success, but it would take you a lot longer.

Therefore, investing in any of these affiliate marketing courses is a great way to start learning and building your own affiliate marketing business, of course, if you are very serious about it.

What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing? Which affiliate marketing course will you follow?

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