Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2021

Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2021

Everyone knows ads are one of the oldest ways of monetization, even before the internet era. But did you ever try to combine affiliate marketing with ads?

It is called pay per click affiliate program, and it is a way of promoting third-party ads on your site through ad networks where you get paid per click instead of per sale you make.

PPC is a great combination of ads and making money online, and it might be the best way to monetize your website (or any other channel) and yet offer your audience something that they would find valuable.

Down below, you’ll find more about pay per click networks, how they work, and even how you can make money with them, but we’ll also review 15 of the best pay per click affiliate networks you should join!

What is PPC?

What is Pay per Click Affiliate Network

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction earlier, PPC stands for pay per click, and it is a monetization method where advertisers pay a fee for every click to get to their offer or website.

Even though it can be tricky to understand what PPC is, here’s a quick example that will help you out.

Whenever you Google for something popular, the first couple of results are most likely ads, they even have a little ad logo to know they’re the advertising.

For every click these websites get, they pay Google a fee for helping them drive people to their website. That’s PPC, and it’s as simple as that.

And that’s what pay per click is – An advertiser offers an offer, and the fee for every click is paid to whoever gets them quality traffic to their website, landing page, or an offer.

What is The Difference Between PPC and Affiliate Marketing?

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing comes at the top. For ages, affiliate marketing has been considered the best way of generating passive income streams. 

Although both programs give a good ROI, both are different. Affiliate Marketing is about promoting someone else’s product to an audience and getting commission only once you make a successful purchase. However, in PPC you get paid for clicks you bring on an ad.

Same like pay per click affiliate networks, there are numerous high paying affiliate networks. Moreover, some companies host and manage their affiliate programs on their own, i.e., GrooveFunnels affiliate program, Builderall affiliate program, and many more. 

How PPC Works?

You saw a simple example of how PPC works, and it’s one of the most common PPC examples almost everyone noticed at one point.

PPC is an advertising model, and the only thing that changes is:

  • Who provides the offer and pays for the clicks
  • What the offer is
  • Who is driving traffic to that offer

However, the core of this advertising model remains the same. The chances are that you’re wondering about the person who drives traffic to that offer to earn money since you’re reading this article.

So how does PPC connect with affiliate marketing?

If you have a blog, a website, a landing page, or an internet presence that’s getting quality traffic, you can apply for any PPC affiliate program.

These programs are set in place to connect you and the advertiser as they easily provide you with the offer and the way to display the offers on your website.

Instead of meeting directly with all advertisers and manually showing their offers on your website, a third-party PPC affiliate program helps take care of things for both the advertiser and the marketer.

Therefore, as a marketer who wants to join PPC affiliate programs and start making money this way, you should:

  1. Find a PPC affiliate program and apply
  2. Get accepted
  3. Add the ad framework to your website
  4. Let the affiliate program determine the best ads and run them on your website through the framework you previously added
  5. Drive clicks and make money for every click

From there, for every redirect to that offer (a click from your website to the offer), you will get paid a commission based on the rate you agreed to when you signed up for the PPC affiliate program.

PPC affiliate programs automate the process, so you set them once, and you can forget about them, which is a great model for everyone who’s thinking of creating a passive income stream.

15 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Now that you know how PPC affiliate programs work, all you have to do is find one that fits your needs and sign up for it!

1- Google AdSense – ideal for beginner website owners

Google AdSense Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

If you ever tried making some money by running ads on your website, you already participated in the PPC affiliate program.

Google AdSense is the biggest and the most known PPC program that’s fairly easy to join. You will need a website that frequently publishes new content and is slowly starting to get visitors.

Of course, you need to be over 18 years of age too, but if you are not, you can still use AdSense if your parent or guardian signs up using their Google account and gives you the approval.

Even though Google AdSense doesn’t offer the best commission for every click, they offer very advanced analytical tools. They have a database of millions of publishers in almost all niches.

Therefore, Google AdSense is a very user-friendly PPC affiliate program that also provides automatic ad optimization on your responsive website, so you only have to install the ad framework and let Google do its job.

2- Ezoic – ideal for websites with a minimum of 10,000 visitors/month

Ezoic Pay per Click Network

Ezoic is following AdSense’s footsteps, and even though it is a relatively small ad network, it still provides a modern PPC affiliate program.

To get accepted, you will need a website that gets at least 10,000 monthly visits.

Ezoic features AI-enabled features that help adapt the ads to your visitors. This means that the ads are responsive, and the ad platform adapts ads to your visitor’s browser, device, or screen resolution.

This PPC affiliate program is also trying to innovate in the PPC affiliate programs industry by introducing a unique tracking system that replaces RPMs. You even get the chance to run your experiments to see what works the best for your website niche.

3- Mediavine – ideal for websites with over 50,000 visitors a month

Mediavine PPC network

Mediavine is a very large PPC affiliate program that only accepts affiliates who have to get 50,000 visitors a month.

But Mediavine became so popular (even with its restrictions) because it offers the highest rates in the PPC industry.

Mediavine RPMs go as high as $30 (which is up to 75% of gross proceeds in the deal), and they’re worth the wait if you’re slowly building out your website.

Mediavine is known as the “prestige” PPC affiliate program because it holds great connections with some of the world’s top advertisers.

With a great revenue sharing system in place and great support, if you fit the criteria, you can start placing either banners or native ads on your website and get well for your traffic.

4- AdThrive – ideal for food-related websites with over 100,000 visitors a month

AdThrive PPC Affiliate Program

To join AdThrive, you will need to have a very large site that gets at least 100,000 visitors a month.

However, if you meet the requirements, you can get accepted within days of your application.

AdThrive doesn’t offer the highest RPMs, but it doesn’t offer the lowest RPMs either. This wouldn’t be that bad if AdThrive weren’t looking to accept food bloggers mostly.

However, you won’t have to worry about the ads as they only display quality ads that sometimes even come from premium advertisers.

On top of that, you get great support and an intuitive dashboard that will keep you up to date with all metrics in one place.

It has one of the highest entry barriers, but the narrow niche market of AdThrive might work great for some website owners.

5- – ideal for niche sites Ads network

If you would like to diversify your efforts and stay away from Google and its advertisers for a bit, yet you’d like to focus on Bing and Yahoo advertisers, is the PPC affiliate program you should join. might not be as known, but it is one of the biggest advertisers in the world with connections with Bing and Yahoo as part of their ad network. And with such a great presence, you will find advertisers and opportunities in almost any niche.

They serve quality ads where they allow you to display up to 3 ads on the same page and yet keep them optimized for the best RPMs.

However, keep in mind that you should have at least 5,000 visitors a month to qualify and get accepted.

6- RevenueHits – ideal for bypassing AdBlock activations

RevenueHits PPC network

RevenueHits is a smaller ad network, but they have decent publishers who advertise through their network.

It’s easy to get started with RevenueHits because they don’t have minimum requirements you need to meet, and yet they have a wide range of banners you can display across your website.

If you’re new to PPC affiliate programs, RevenueHits is also a great choice because it offers a hands-off experience to monetize your website.

However, keep in mind that RevenueHits is focused on click-per-action, and it only pays a commission when a visitor clicks the ad and performs an action such as a sign-up.

On the bright side, RevenueHits has a technology that helps publishers monetize traffic that has AdBlock installed and activated in their browser by offering alternative ads so you can monetize on 100% of your traffic.

7- Infolinks – ideal for everyone who wants a unique approach to Ads

Infolinks affiliate network

Infolinks is changing the way ads are displayed on websites, and they’re using their proprietary technology that helps improve the targeting intent of your visitors.

Therefore, instead of traditional ad banners, Infolinks provides you with InTag, InText, and InFrame options.

These options can be linked to text that reveals only when the reader scans over them.

Infolinks also relies on a technology that helps with in-real targeting that serves your visitors custom ads that will fit their intent.

Therefore, if you’d like to have ads on your website that aren’t very visible to your audience yet still make you money, Infolinks is worth trying out.

Keep in mind that you are free to combine Infolinks with other ad networks such as Google AdSense and run both on your website.

8- Bidvertiser – ideal for building relationships with advertisers

Bidvertiser PPC affiliate program

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks, and it was around ever since the PPC was surfacing on the internet.

What’s so unique about Bidvertiser is that it allows affiliates to build relationships with advertisers instead of assigning ads to your website through an algorithm.

Even though this might take a bit more time and work on your end, you will be able to get quality ads served on your website that you approve of.

Also, Bidvertister is easy to join as they don’t have strict requirements, and even the payout threshold is low, so Bidvertiser is ideal for anyone from new to aged sites.

9- Adblade – ideal for websites looking to serve top quality ads

Adblade monetization solution

Adblade has some pretty popular and well-known advertisers in their network, which helps them to serve quality ads.

However, Adblade features in-content banners that appear only at the end of the content that won’t interfere with the quality of your content.

They also have ads delivered in the “news” format that can easily blend in with the content, yet Adblade claims that these ads perform three times better.

But keep in mind that you will need at least 500,000 page views per month to be approved by Adblade.

If you are approved, on the bright side, you’ll be able to use Google AdSense analytical tools to track your Adblade performance.

10- Adsterra – Great for publishers who look for versatility

Adsterra affiliate network

If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s looking for different ways to monetize your blog or a website, Adsterra might be the right choice.

Adsterra is an ad network platform that features a PPC affiliate program, but it also allows publishers to choose between CPM, CPC, CPL, CPO, and even CPI programs.

This ad network is known for paying attention to advertisers they give access to, yet it’s pretty easy to apply and get accepted into the program as a publisher.

However, to join the Adsterra program, you will need at least 5000 impressions each month to display pop-unders and 50,000 impressions to display ads.

With so many advertising options, rates vary, but you get to experiment and see what works the best for your niche and your website.

11- Sovrn – Great for Building Your Own Ad Units

Sovrn PPC Ads solution

Sovrn is a pretty small yet efficient and reputable ad network that offers a PPC affiliate program. Sovrn was also known as Viglinks before the re-brand.

The greatest feature of Sovrn is Signal which teaches publishers how to monetize their audience in the best way possible without interfering with the navigational or reading experience on their website.

On top of that, publishers get tools to create new ad units and the placement choice.

From there, Sovrn also can help monetize an audience that has AdBlock installed by creating a pop-up that helps your visitors whitelist your website.

To join Sovrn, you will only need 1,000 daily page views.

12- Taboola – ideal for displaying video ads

Taboola PPC network

Taboola is an ad network working on modernizing the ad display to provide results for both advertisers and publishers.

With that being said, Taboola combines content and video units as they can increase the total CPM up to $9.

Taboola’s dashboard is full of valuable insights into the statistics and performance of your ads, but it also gives you the options to learn what to improve to see better results. On top of that, you get an A/B testing tool combined with alerts that can optimize your ads to maximize earnings.

When you set your campaigns and ad units, a metric known as User Visit Value will help you learn how effective your ads are and if there’s any way to improve the performance further.

They don’t have a minimum views requirement, so even new websites can apply and slowly work on their ad units as soon as they start driving traffic.

13- Skimlinks – ideal for multiple revenue streams

Skimlinks pay per click affiliate program

Skimlinks is not advertised as an ad network, yet it is advertised as a connectivity company. It is a company that connects advertisers and publishers.

It’s a platform that’s free to join, and yet you’ll have access to advertisers, but also the Skimlinks tool.

Skimlinks tool can automate all product links on your website into affiliate links, so you’re not leaving any money on the table.

This is an all-in-one platform that features almost 50,000 affiliate programs in one place and yet uses one analytical suite to track all your affiliate programs and products you’re promoting.

Skimlinks also has its affiliate program that you can use to advertise their company on your website in return for a commission on all referrals you can make.

It’s free and easy to join Skimlinks, and if your website is on WordPress, you can install the Skimlinks WordPress plugin that improves efficiency.

It’s also important to mention that Skimlinks is a partner of some powerful merchants such as Nike, Adobe, Vimeo, Asos, Wayfair, Selfridges, and many others.

Most merchants provide affiliate programs, but some merchants tend to provide PCP programs that you can join, too, resulting in diversified monetization ways by using only one platform to manage them all.

14- Outbrain – ideal for affiliate marketers or niche sites

Outbrai pay per click affiliate program

Outbrain is another all-in-one affiliate platform that is based on sponsored content. Sponsored content is ads that are displayed on your website.

From there, you get paid based on the number of clicks your traffic makes to the sponsored content.

The great thing about Outbrain is that you can display ads of different types on different parts of your website. Therefore, you won’t only have to rely upon on-page ads.

Outbrain even supports video ads and recommended articles, so some sponsored content won’t even look like it is an ad to your visitors. This is important as such ad content can increase the performance and make you more money in the end.

Along with sponsored content, you can monetize your website via pop-up ads or in-stream ads that increase the ways you get to monetize your website by joining only one PCP affiliate program.

Therefore, Outbrain is all about providing engaging content and making it easy to discover as it provides better results for both advertisers and publishers. This is probably the reason why 70% of Outbrain traffic is organic.

With no minimum requirements to join the platform, this is an ideal PPC affiliate program for affiliate marketers of all levels and niche sites.

15- MintClicks – Great for Maximizing Website Earnings

MintClicks pay per click advertising network

MintClicks is another AI PPC ad network that features a great affiliate program. This platform changes the way ads are displayed by innovative keyword detection technology.

The keyword detection helps them match the ads to sites in real-time and ensure the ads of their choice ensure a better click-through rate to maximize the website’s earnings.

All of this is a done-for-you service that you get when you sign up for MintClicks and if you’re looking to maximize your website’s earnings.

However, you still get to choose the ad format you’d prefer to display on your website, so you’ll have a choice between text, banners, interstitial, and pop-up ads.

What’s also unique about MintClicks is that they give you the ability to get into the code and customize the frame of the ads to match it to your brand or your website. This will help blend in the ads on your website to not stand out from the rest of the content.

There is also no minimum traffic requirement you need to meet to be considered as a publisher. Instead, all you have to do is fill out the sign-up form and wait for approval. With a very low rejection rate, you won’t have to worry about rejection as long as you have a decent website.

How to Join Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

To join pay per click affiliate programs, you will have to first decide on the program you prefer.

Your choice will most likely depend on the requirements that you have to meet. As you can see, some of the ad platforms have high requirements to keep the quality standard high.

However, there’s nothing wrong with starting with smaller pay per click affiliate programs as they still care about the quality and provide ads and sponsored content for most common niches.

When you choose the pay per click affiliate program, you’ll have to fill out the form and wait for approval or rejection.

The forms are very similar, and you’ll mostly have to fill in your personal information, information regarding your website/business, and most likely the estimated number of visitors you get every month.

Keep in mind that some PPC programs require minimum visitors while others require minimum page views or impressions.

One visitor can count as more than one pageview if they don’t close your website after reading only one post, so keep that in mind.

Most pay per click programs allow you to make money by displaying ads on your website and getting paid in commission for every click you make.

Some niches are more profitable than others, and some pay per click affiliate programs tend to pay better, so that’s something to keep in mind.

However, every pay per click affiliate program has a different approach to the structure of the network.

Therefore, some programs allow you to monetize your website in more than just one way (PPC), so you can use other advertising models that come integrated into the platform.

Lastly, some platforms even have affiliate programs where you can promote the platform and get paid a share of the revenue of every advertiser you refer.

Therefore, there’s much to pay per click affiliate programs than it meets the eye, and there’s much more than just displaying the ads.

However, if you’re only interested in displaying ads, that’s fine too. Most of these programs come with in-built tools that will help you analyze your ads and optimize them for your website to get the best performance and results possible.

Pay Per Click Affiliate Program – Final Verdict

Pay per click affiliate programs is one of the oldest and yet the biggest advertising models ever since the internet gained its traction.

This is the same advertising model used a long time before the internet was even a thing.

Therefore, it’s a legit way to monetize your online business, a website, a blog, or any internet space where you get visitors.

Not all PPC affiliate programs are the same, and not all programs might fit your website’s size or niche, but starting small and slow is still a great stepping stone.

It’s very easy to apply to a PPC program and start displaying ads on your website. Most of these ad networks do everything for you, and you’ll only need to follow the setup instructions.

The best thing yet is that you can combine PPC with other advertising models and other monetization strategies such as product/brand promotions (affiliate marketing).

What is your favorite benefit of pay per click affiliate programs? Which PCP affiliate program do you prefer the most and why?

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